The Ultimate Sound Deadening Guide Car Doors On A Budget

A significant amount of road noise can be produced while driving. Sound Deadening or soundproofing is a way of blocking or absorbing these irritating road noises that are produced while driving.

Bad road conditions, uneven road surfaces, rattling sounds from doors and trunks, and traffic noises can contribute to unwanted road noises. Some people may also find sound coming from the vehicle’s mechanical system irritating.

Car doors cover most of the surface area of the car. As a result, by soundproofing car doors, road noises and unwanted mechanical noises can easily be reduced. Sound-isolating and absorbing materials are installed in between the door panels to absorb and isolate sound waves.

As a result of which, a quiet and comforting car ride is made possible. Sound deadeners can also operate as thermal insulators and work as a shield against hot summer temperatures. They can deflect heat and keep the car cool. Opposingly, they can also keep the car warm in cold weather.

In this article, we will discuss every aspect that you need to know before sound deadening your car doors.

Are Sound Deadening Doors Worth It?

If you want a noiseless and silent car ride, then you must sound deaden your car. Constantly hearing displeasing noises while driving a car can have significant adverse effects on both the driver and the passengers.

Various scientific research shows that exposure to long-term road noise can pose a serious threat to the driver’s psyche. Unwanted traffic noise can cause problems like insomnia, irritation, anger, a tendency to violate road laws, etc. Exposure to constant low-frequency road noise can cause a driver to have mental fatigue. 

Road noises and traffic noises can easily distract drivers from driving and cause terrible accidents. By sound-deadening doors, a driver can focus on his driving more as there are no unwanted noises to distract him from driving thus preventing accidents.

Nobody likes to conversate in a noisy and loud environment. By ensuring a quiet cabin one can conversate effortlessly. Besides, if you regularly use the car’s inbuilt Bluetooth system to make or receive phone calls, then having a noisy cabin can hinder the conversation experience. A quiet and silent car cabin can definitely help to attain a better experience.

Many people are worried about their privacy. Sound deadening your car can also save your privacy by keeping the noise confined within your car’s cabin. If you are talking over the phone and discussing some confidential information, a sound-deadened car will ensure that anyone outside the car does not overhear anything.

A lot of modern cars these days come with an average-quality stereo system which can sound terrible in a noisy environment. A sound-deadened car door can solve the problem very easily by cutting off the outside noises. You can make your average quality stereo sound a lot better by sound deadening the doors.

You can also increase the volume of the stereo without any concern about disturbing others as a sound-deadened door will stop sound bleeding as well. Many high-end cars come with soundproof features these days in order to increase ride comfort and quietness. 

So, by sound deadening your car doors, you can get a feel of driving a high-end car and enjoy the comfort. A sound-deadened car also feels solid and robust to drive as no rattling noises can enter the cabin. If you travel with a child in your car then, a sound-deadened car will help the child to sleep better.

Therefore, we can definitely say sound deadening is worth it. Because it ensures your privacy, provides a premium quality ride, isolates you from road noises, and much more.

5 Best Car Soundproofing Materials

There are many good soundproofing materials on the market. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Soundproofing materials can be made out of foam, spray, and mats. Soundproof foams and sprays can degrade over time. As a result of which, they are not generally used.

On the other hand, soundproof mats are more resilient to degradation. They also provide much more isolation than the foams and sprays and are easier to install. Therefore, they are most commonly used in sound-deadening cars.

Some good car soundproofing materials are:

1. Noico 80mil 36 Sqft Car Sound Deadening Mat

Noico 80 mil 36 sqft Car Sound deadening Mat

Noico is a very well-known and trustworthy brand when it comes to soundproofing. Their 80 mils sound-deadening mat is an excellent product. Noico mats have butyl-containing automotive self-adhesive. It also comes with proper installation markings to aid the installation process.

Noico mat is about 80 millimeters thick and weighs about 0.71 pounds per square foot. Because of the Noico mat’s thick and heavy construction, it is able to absorb most of the outside noises and vibrations. This mat is also able to work in both cold and hot temperatures.

2. Kilmat 80mil 36 Sqft Car Sound Deadening Mat

KILMAT 80 mil 36 sqft Car Sound Deadening Mat

Just like Noico, Kilmat is also a trusted brand. Kismat and Noico have a lot in common. For instance, they both have the same thickness, and they both have installation aid markings. But unlike Noico, Kilmat weighs about 0.5 pounds per square foot. Kismat is also a bit cheap in price compared to Noico.

However, there are some negative feedback about Kilmat from users. Many of the users reported a very strong smell coming from its adhesive. Others find this product hard to work with because it requires a heat gun for installation. A lot of the users reported this mat having an adhesive issue because it did not stick properly to the panels.

3. Thermo-Tec Heat And Sound Suppressor

Thermo-Tec 14620 60" X 36" Heat and Sound Suppressor

As the name implies, Thermo-Tec helps in both heat dissipation and sound absorption.
Thermo-Tec is a bit thin measuring 70 millimeters. As a result, it is not able to soundproof quite as well as other mats that are designed for the sole purpose of sound absorption.

Thermo-Tec is a multipurpose product for users who are looking for a mat that can radiate heat and work as a soundproof material as well. But buying Thermo-Tec for only soundproofing is not recommended.

4. Dynamat 10455 Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener

Dynamat Xtreme

Dynamat is top of a line product when it comes to sound deadening. It also costs a lot more because of its superior quality. Dynamat also works very well as a heat dissipator thanks to its aluminum coating. It also provides outstanding noise isolation. As a result of which, it creates a very significant and noticeable acoustic difference inside the car cabin.

Dynamat is also very easy to install. Just remember to wear gloves while installing it or else you may get cut by its sharp edges. It does not smell as bad as other soundproof mats do. This product is definitely worth the extra money.

5. HushMat 10501 Ultra Silver Foil Bulk Kit

HushMat 10501 Ultra Silver Foil Bulk Kit with Damping Pad

HushMat is also a very well-reviewed sound-deadening product. It is able to reduce 40% of the heat produced by the vehicle. HushMat can also function at temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit up to high temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

HushMat is very easy to install as well. It can very easily be cut with scissors and placed on the door panels. HushMat has good-quality adhesive too. It is also quite cheaper than its competitors. HushMat provides the Best value for money.

How Much Sound Deadener For Doors?

The amount of sound deadener necessary for soundproofing car doors really depends on the size of the car. Buying an unnecessary amount of car deadener can be really frustrating. Without knowing the correct amount of deadener required for sound deadening, one may end up buying more or less than they actually need.

Buying too much sound deadener can result in waste and buying less can result in total ineffectiveness of soundproofing. For this reason, a table containing information about the correct amount of deadener required for soundproofing different type of vehicles are given below.

Model of Car

Subcompact B

Subcompact C

Mid-Size D

Full-size E-F

Compact SUV

Mid-size SUV

Full-size SUV


4 doors









As we can see from the table, a maximum of 34 sqft of sound deadener is required for soundproofing car doors. Most of the sound-deadening companies selling soundproof mats have a 36sqft package which would be perfect for sound-deadening doors.


Sound-deadening car doors is a very delicate process. It requires you to remove multiple panels to install sound-deadening materials. This process can be very complicated for someone who does not have any prior experience of doing such a task. You can very easily damage your door panels if you do not execute the task properly.

Besides, if sound deadeners are not properly installed, then soundproofing may not work at all. That is why always seek professionals’ advice and, if possible, try to install sound deadeners with the help of professionals. Also, wear gloves while installing sound deadeners as they can have razor-sharp corners that can cut you easily.

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