How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Quieter?

One of the frequently asked questions nowadays is how to make exhaust quieter motorcycles. Motorcycles are one of the favorite vehicles among people of all ages. It is a two-wheeler. Faster than any other vehicle. That is why people of all generations liked it so much.

One of the unpleasant things for a motorbike owner is when his/her motorcycle starts making loud noises. Motorbike owners often face this kind of noisy issue on the road.

If you are a motorbike owner and you are facing loud noise issues from your two-wheelers. It is because your exhaust system has become damaged or faulty.

Now the question arises, How to make motorcycle exhaust quieter?

In this editorial, I am going to discuss:

Top 5 Ways To Make Motorcycle Exhaust Quieter

Sealing the Holes

You need to check your exhaust system first. There might be some hole in it. Those holes are responsible for this loud noise.

It is obvious that holes can be different in size and shape. So If your motorbike exhaust system is affected by the large hole, you can go for the advanced exhaust patch kit. It will help you to seal the large holes in the exhaust system

If your motorbike exhaust system is affected by a small hole. It would probably be rust. First, you need to clean the rust, and after cleaning the rust you can use exhaust tape to fix the hole.

Change Mufflers

Mufflers are one of the integral parts of an exhaust system. Whether it is a bike or car, a muffler works the same for both.

Any kind of damage to the muffler will make your exhaust system louder. So, if you find any kind of loud exhaust noise from your motorbike. The possible reason would be the damaged muffler.

You can fix this issue by changing the damaged muffler. So Get a new muffler for your exhaust system and It will definitely bring results for you. It will help you to make the exhaust quieter inside the car.

Insert a Silencer

Using a silencer is one of the easiest ways to get over the loud exhaust system noise problem. As silencers are used for narrowing the hole. So the more you will narrow the hole or gaps from the exhaust system the less you will hear the noise.

A typical silencer features fiberglass wraps that not only narrow the hole but also soundproofing your exhaust for a quieter ride.

Before inserting a silencer in your ride, keep one thing in mind:  the diameter of your exhaust pipe and the diameter of the silencer. The perfect silencer diameter is always smaller than the exhaust pipe.

Using Exhaust Wrap

Using an exhaust wrap has proven handy in most cases. So You can put an exhaust wrap around the exhaust pipe, or you can put it inside and outside of the muffler.

It is a very affordable and easiest technique. By using exhaust wrap you can deaden the loud noise from your motorcycle.

Borrow a New Pipe

Just like the four wheelers, your two wheelers might be affected by the rust. Rust basically damaged the entire exhaust pipe. It will produce more loud noise because of the rust.

If this is the case, you need to replace the entire exhaust pipe. Buying a new exhaust pipe can fix the loud exhaust issue for a while.

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