Why is My PS4 Fan so Loud:

The PS4 is a very popular gaming console among gamers. But it is plagued with noise issues since its release in November 2013. Many experts believe that the heat dissipation system of the PS4 is not good enough. The positioning of the vents and the size of the fans are not sufficient enough to properly cool the console without overworking them.

Many PS4 users reported excessive noise coming out of their system while gaming. Many users also reported the noise issue when the console was on idle. This can happen for a number of reasons. Luckily, there are many ways to solve the issue as well. You can solve the problem either by opening the console or without opening it.

In this article, we will discuss 8 reasons why PS4 fans are so loud and how to fix them. We will also discuss how to clean the PS4. 

8 Reasons PS4 Fan To Be Loud

As mentioned above, the PS4 has a weak thermal design. But your PS4 fans can run very loud because of other issues as well. The main reasons for the loud fan noise of your PS4 are:

1. Dust Buildup

If you live in a dusty environment or store your console in an open place, then the insides of your console can get extremely dusty within a very short period of time. Dust accumulation can cause your fans to jam up hindering their spin.

It can also block off your air vents causing your system to heat up. And consequently, increase the fan noise. Dust accumulation on the cooling fans can also have a significant negative impact on noise.  

2. Bad Cooling Fan

This problem generally arises when you are using a PS4 for an extended period of time or you are a very heavy user of the PS4. Basically, the fan mechanism inside the console can loosen up due to prolonged usage. And because of that, the fan may rattle creating unwanted noise.

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3. Not Having Enough Ventilation

Placing a PS4 against the wall or a table can cause serious ventilation issues. Since the air vents of the ps4 are situated on the rear side, facing it against the wall can block out the exhaust vents and cause the console to overheat.

In order to keep the heated console cool, the cooling fans have to spin faster than they were spinning before. Faster spinning fans can cause wind noise which in turn, can make the console noisy.

4. Using More Resources

Playing modern graphics-intensive titles such as “Horizon Zero Dawn” or “Cyberpunk 2077” can really put your console to the ultimate test. The modern titles tend to utilize all the resources your console can offer in order to provide you a decent resolution and good frame rates.

Using more resources can easily heat up your system. Moreover, in order to keep your system cool, the PS4 automatically clocks up your cooling fans to the maximum speed. As a result, louder fan noise is produced.

5. Bad Thermal Paste

Thermal paste is a type of greasy compound. It is used for ensuring proper heat transfer between the processor and the cooling system. The PS4 also uses thermal paste in order to transfer the heat produced by its processor to its heatsink. Using a PS4 for a prolonged period of time can cause the thermal paste to dry up.

Dried up thermal paste can not function as good as wet thermal paste. As a result of which, the processor can not properly transfer the heat to the heat sink. Causing the temperature of the system to drastically rise up and produce loud fan noises. 

6. Failing Hard Drive

A hard drive works by reading data from a rotating disc. You can detect a failing hard drive if it starts to produce strange noises. Hard drive noise paired with the cooling fan noise can make your console sound very loud.

7. Defective Unit

A faulty PS4 having some internal problems can contribute to producing loud noises. For example, the fan mount of the PS4 could be defective causing it to produce more noise. Additionally, some parts inside the console can get loose and hit the fan while it spins, causing loud noises.

8. Keeping The Console In A Horizontal Position

The cooling fan of the PS4 is situated on the bottom side of the console. Using the PS4 in a horizontal position can block out the intake vents and restrict the airflow. Because of the bad airflow, the console can overheat and cause the cooling fans to produce more noise.

7 Proven Ways to Fix A Noisy PS4

Fix PS4 Loud Fan Without Opening

If your PS4 is still covered by the warranty and you don’t want to void it, then follow the steps below:

1. Clean Up The Dust

Dust collected by the PS4 can very easily be cleaned with the help of proper instruments. The PS4 cleaning can be done by using a vacuum cleaner or a blower. If you want to clean the console by using a vacuum cleaner, then start with the rear of the console. Vacuum out any dust accumulated on the intake vents and exhaust vents of the console.

Use the vacuum cleaner in low settings because using strong settings to vacuum out the dust can damage the internal components. If you want to clean the console with a blower, then make sure not to blow up air directly into the console from the rear side as it can cause the dust specks to get inside of the system and aid additional dust buildup.

2. Place The Console Vertically

We can ensure enough airflow inside of the console by placing it vertically. The PS4 has cooling vents on the rear, upper, and the bottom side. Placing the console horizontally can block the bottom air vent. That is why for in order to attain proper airflow from all sides, place the console vertically.

3. Keep The Console In A Well Ventilated Place

As mentioned previously, if the PS4 is not kept in a properly ventilated place, then it can overheat. Which can produce excessive fan noise. That is why keep the PS4 in a well-ventilated place and make sure that all the air vents and the exhaust vents of the console are free from any kind of obstruction.

4. Play Games At Lower Resolution

If you play games at very high resolution, the console will increase its fan speed in order to keep it from thermal throttling. And a faster spinning fan will always produce loud fan noises. That is why try to lower the resolution of the game. Lowering the resolution will slow the speed of the fan and reduce fan noise.

Fix PS4 Loud Fan With Opening

If the warranty on your PS4 has expired and you have good technical skills, then try out the methods below:

5. Change The Thermal Paste

Complete disassembly of the console is required in order to apply this method. Start by removing the upper plastic part of the console and the hard drive. After that, remove the upper enclosure from the console. Work your way through the top mounting bracket.

You can now lift up the motherboard and replace the old thermal paste with the new one. Make sure to properly install all the parts that you just removed. You can watch a tutorial on YouTube for additional help.

6. Use Third-Party Accessories

The stock cooler of the PS4 is not good enough for hardcore gamers. They tend to produce a lot of noise during heavy gaming. But luckily, third-party accessories for PS4 are widely available and they are cheap as well.

You can replace the stock cooling fan with a better silent cooling fan. You can also install additional external fans on the exhaust and intake vents of the console for maximum airflow. All the third-party accessories can be bought from any tech shop or online shops like Amazon or eBay.

7. Change The Hard Drives And Switch To Digital

You can swap the mechanical hard drives with Solid State Drives or SSD. Mechanical drives have a relatively shorter lifespan and produce more noise than an SSD mainly because of having moving parts. There are no moving parts in an SSD so they can not produce any noise. Using SSD will also make your console faster.

Going digital is always a better option because optical drives make a lot of noise when reading a disc. The noise from the optical drive can amplify the fan noise making the console sound louder. Using digital games eliminates the usage of the optical drive and reduces the noise produced by the console.

Wrapping Up

The PS4 generally makes loud noises when it overheats. Use a dust filter in order to prevent overheating caused by dust accumulation. If your room has to be air-conditioned, then keep the PS4 under the air conditioner in order to stop it from overheating.

Do not attempt to open up the console for solving the loud fan issue if you do not have good technical skills. And always make sure to unplug the console while performing any type of repairs or upgrades on it. If you are not able to open the console or assemble it, seek the help of professionals. Do not leave any ribbon cables unplugged and also do not leave any exposed wires.

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