Why is My PS4 Fan so Loud: 7 Proved Ways to Fix A Noisy PS4

If you’ve ever noticed an unusually noisy fan during specific gaming sessions, you’re not alone! This phenomenon has puzzled countless PlayStation 4 owners and prompted a search for answers: ”Why is my PS4 fan so loud?”

Uncover why your PS4 fan is so noisy when playing certain games. To ensure a maximum gaming experience and a quieter console, our in-depth guide includes helpful insights and solutions to help you understand and alleviate the issue.

Why is Your PS4 Fan so Loud? 7 Possible Reasons!

A noisy PS4 fan is usually the result of increased system stress and heat buildup when playing certain games. Basically, every PS4 has a fan and heatsink inside. Together, these two parts dissipate heat from the CPU and GPU to keep things cool.

Sometimes, when you’re playing games, they can really make your console work hard, use up more power, and get hotter. Therefore, the fan will start spinning faster and louder to keep things cool and avoid overheating. 

There are several factors that can contribute to the fan noise specifically occurring with certain games:

Graphics Intensity  

Games with high-resolution graphics, complex environments, or extensive visual effects can put a significant load on the PS4’s GPU (graphics processing unit), leading to increased heat generation and subsequent fan noise. A few of these are Horizon: Zero Dawn (and Forbidden West), Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Origins, and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

CPU-Intensive Games

Some games heavily rely on the console’s CPU for processing complex AI algorithms, physics simulations, or large-scale multiplayer interactions. These tasks can cause the CPU to work harder, generating more heat and triggering the fan to spin faster.

Poor Optimization

Some PS4 games are poorly optimized, wasting resources. This strains the system and speeds up the fan, making noise.

Dust Accumulation

Over time, dust can accumulate inside the PS4, blocking airflow and impeding the cooling system’s effectiveness. When the fan struggles to cool the console adequately, it may run at higher speeds and produce more noise. 


Some gamers choose to overclock their hardware to achieve higher performance. While this can enhance gaming experiences, it also increases heat production, which may require more aggressive cooling measures.

System Design

The overall design and airflow of a gaming system can impact heat dissipation. Efficient cooling setups, such as well-placed fans, larger heat sinks, or liquid cooling solutions, can mitigate heat buildup and potentially reduce fan noise.

Ambient Temperature

Gaming room temperature might affect heat dissipation. Higher room temperatures diminish cooling efficiency by making the system work harder and the fans spin faster.

How to Make Your PS4 Quieter Without Opening the Fan- 6 Easy Fixes!

Fix 1: Place Your PS4 Fan in A Ventilated Area

This is the simplest option, although it won’t be applicable in all cases. Your PS4 will run more smoothly if it is relocated from a closed cabinet. The console needs at least 12 inches of space on each side for proper ventilation.

Having adequate space means that heat is not trapped in one area around the control panel. And by sucking in chilly air, it helps to keep the fan itself cool.

Fix 2: Use a Stand or Cooling Dock 

Consider using a stand or cooling dock designed specifically for the PS4. These accessories can help elevate the console and improve airflow, reducing the chances of overheating. This isn’t necessary but it’s nice to have if the room becomes too hot.

Fix 3: Keep the Vents Clean

Remove any dust or debris that may have settled into your PS4’s vents by cleaning them on a regular basis. The vents may be cleaned with a gentle brush or compressed air.

Fix 4: Avoid Carpeted Surfaces

Placing your PS4 on a carpeted surface can restrict the airflow and cause overheating. Opt for a hard, flat surface like a table or shelf instead.

Fix 5: Turn Your PS4 Console to Vertical

The PS4 console is often laid out horizontally. You might be able to reduce the console’s temperature and noise level by turning it vertically. 

Fix 6: Reduce the Game’s Resolution and Play It

When playing games at extremely high resolution, the console will boost fan speed to prevent thermal throttling. And thus, the louder the fan noise, the faster the fan is spinning. For this reason, you should experiment with playing the game at a lower resolution. Reducing the resolution will cause the fan to spin more slowly and quietly.

If the following six troubleshooting steps don’t work and your PS4 is still too noisy, let’s move on to the cleaning option. The dust in your house is likely to be to blame for your PS4’s noisy fan. You should clean the PS4 fan to reduce the noise it makes.

3 Easy Cleaning Techniques to Fix the Noisy PS4 Fan (Opening the Fan) 

1) Clean the Fan with Compressed Air

If there’s liquid in the nozzle, you should start by blowing a blast of air away from your console. After that, stuff a cotton swab between a few of the fan’s blades and jam it into position. This will prevent the damaging effects of the compressed air’s excessive whirling.

The next step is to blast the fan’s blades and housing with brief, powerful blasts of air. Even if you’ve already cleaned the vents, you should still walk over them.

Keep the dust from getting sucked further into the control panel by blowing it out. A torch and some cotton swabs will come in handy for this.

2) Clean the Heat Sink

It’s important to clean the fans and the heat sink at the same time. Once the PS4 is opened, the heat sink is in plain sight.

Similarly to cleaning the fan, you should use quick bursts of air to wipe off the heat sink. You can’t blow the dust farther into the controller, so stop worrying about doing that. A piece of cotton wool might be useful for cleaning and wiping down the heat sink.

3) Change the Thermal Paste

Thermal paste degrades after a few years, so it should be changed. While this won’t reduce fan noise as much as cleaning will, it will increase heat transmission and make your PS4 less likely to overheat.

This technique requires taking the control pad apart in its entirety. To begin, take off the hard drive and the plastic cover on top of the console. The next step is to take the console’s top cover off. Start with the top bracket and work your way down.

When you reach the motherboard, use a tissue to remove the old thermal paste. Put a dollop of the fresh thermal paste in the appropriate spot, and then reassemble the device.

And, now, if the techniques mentioned are not worthy of fixing your PS4’s loud fan, the only solution is to replace the cooling fan.


Why Is My Ps4 Fan so Loud but Clean?

One of two things may happen. To begin, it’s possible that your hard disk is deteriorating and that you’ll need to replace it. The second is that the thermal compound on your CPU might harden and crack over time, rendering it ineffective at its function of keeping your PS4 cool.

Will My Ps4 Fan Be Quieter if I Clean It?

Yes, cleaning your PS4 fan can help reduce its noise level and make it run quieter. By cleaning the fan, you may minimize the fan’s noise output and allow it to run more smoothly.

Is It Safe to Clean a Ps4 Fan?

Yes, it is safe to clean the PS4 fan. While cleaning the fan of a PlayStation 4 (PS4) can improve performance and reduce overheating, it should be done carefully to avoid harming the console.

Does Dust Make the Ps4 Louder?

Yes, dust accumulation can contribute to making a PS4 louder. Dust can settle on the internal components of the console, such as the cooling fans and heat sinks. When the fans spin, they may encounter resistance due to the dust, causing them to work harder and generate more noise. 

Final Thoughts!

Starting with why your PS4 fan is so loud, this guide explored every possibility and offered workable remedies. Diagnosing the problem, cleaning the console, improving airflow, and adding more cooling choices were the procedures taken. If you follow these instructions, you may lower the noise level of your PS4’s fans and increase the console’s life.

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