Why Do My Car Tires Sound Loud at Highway Speed?

If your car suddenly starts making noise while you are on the highway for a long drive then there could be two possible reasons behind it. The first one is typical which could happen because of tire features, road conditions, or driving style.

Another reason is unusual. The unusual could occur because of tire pressure difference or it could happen because of shabby CV joints. Moreover, it could happen because of wheel bearing damage. These are unusual conditions and your vehicle needs your attention if those cases happen.

The noise itself is quite an annoying thing for all of us. It is also considered pollution.

Loud Tire Noise at Highway Speed is a common problem people may face during the long drive on the highway. It can destroy your mood in a chilling drive experience and make it horrendous.

So if you are busting around to find a solution regarding your Loud Tire Noise at Highway Speeds issue. You are in the right place buddy! Here I am going to discuss all the possible noise-making reasons for your vehicle and alongside that, I will try to give you the solutions to get over from your problem.

Convictions of Loud Tire Noises at Highway Speed

Several reasons are there behind this loud tire noise. Before finding the solutions we need to know about why this noise occurs? One of the possible reasons that come from the findings is the usage of old tires. Constant friction with the road makes their durability vulnerable. Creating excessive noise while driving gives you a sign that its time is over.

Furthermore, another possible reason is weary CV joints. CV joint means Constant Velocity. CV joints basically connected your vehicles with their wheels. If you have bad CV joints then your car will produce noise when you try to start it. That is one of the warning signs that your vehicle is engaging with some problems. Moreover, it is responsible for excessive road noise from tires.

Damaged wheel bearings also cause noise from your tires. Wheel bearings are responsible for your friction-free ride. Wheel bearings connect the tire and wheel. It gives the tire and wheel to rotate smoothly. Any kind of damage in wheel bearings can produce loud tire noise at highway speeds.

However, your driving style could be the reason for the excessive noise from your vehicle’s tire during the drive. Road conditions could be the reason for the loud tire noise at highway speeds.

How to Break off the Noise From your Tires

After finding all the possible reasons why your tires are making excessive noise. Now it is time to enlighten you on how you could fix those issues.

Tires are one of the integral parts of your vehicle. It is true for both the two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Tires basically give your wheels protection from uneven obstacles. As it is continuously spinning in the road. Tires basically face so many hurdles. Which we might not assume from the driving seat. So, if you want to reduce noise and want a smooth long drive at full speed then you have to be more careful with your vehicles.

First of all, regular inspection is required for your vehicle. Before going for a long drive check your tire’s air pressure. If you find any kind of problem takes your vehicle into the nearby automobile shops.

If your tire becomes old change it with a new one. New tires give you a better ride. Try to buy soundproof tires. There are so many soundproof tires in the shop.

Furthermore, it is really dangerous to drive with bad wheel bearings. If you find any kind of wheel vibration or excessive noise it means that you have bad wheel bearings. You need to change it with a new one.

Why Does My Tires Make a Humming Noise?

There could be several reasons for the humming noise in your car. It could occur because of tire scalloping. Moreover, it could happen because of your brake system. The Brake system has brake pads. If your brake pads have become old or it gets damaged then it could be the possible reason for Humming Noise in Car Getting Louder with Speed.

However, wheel bearings are also responsible for this humming noise. If your wheel bearings got damaged then it will produce a humming or buzzing noise from underneath your vehicle.

Besides the brake system and wheel bearings, excessive noise can occur because of engine related issues, driveshaft, or exhaust system of your vehicle. Most of the cases are exacerbated when you shift your speed over 60 mph or you could say at higher speeds.

How to fix the Humming Noise

If you are feeling exhausted regarding this humming noise issue or any sorts of noise issues from your vehicle. You should go to the nearby technician as early as possible. They can tell you the exact answer to why your vehicle is producing such noise.

In most of the cases, I have seen that old parts or damaged parts are responsible for it. But apart from all that, you could not deny the road conditions. The suggestion would be for you to go to the certified technician. If any part got damaged repair it or change it with the new one.

Another suggestion is if you often need to drive on the highway then your tire should be strong enough. It’s better to use highway tires on highways.

N.B: Never forget about the regular inspection.

New Tires Making Roaring Noise

I know it hurts when you buy new tires for your vehicle and it is producing roaring noise while driving. It could happen because of several reasons. Your vehicle is a complete machine. So many factors are associated with your vehicle. Not only is yours it for every vehicle owner.

The most possible cause for your tire making roaring noise is adjusting. As I have told you, it is a machine and it takes time to adjust to new things. Even we humans also need time to adjust to the new thing.

However, if it is not about adjusting the tires then it could be because of premature tire wear. The unbalanced tread depths cause tires to emit loud noises while driving. Usually, you’ll hear sounds caused by uneven wear coming from one tire. So it could be possible that your tires will start to make a roaring sound because they have developed a bad or irregular wear pattern.

Other findings show that lack of tire rotation, loose suspension parts, and miss alignment of the wear could be the reason for the roaring noise from your tire.

Solution for Roaring Noise

The solution to the roaring noise of your tire is to inspect the alignment of your car. Your vehicle’s alignment should be checked periodically (at least once per year) to avoid tire wear. 

Another easy way is to go to the certified technician and tell them about your roaring noise and they will find a proper solution for you.


Tires are the most integral parts of a vehicle. Often we ignored it. Regular inspection of the vehicle should be the first concern for a vehicle owner. I know everyone is busy with their work. People barely effort-free time in this busy life. But your vehicle is also one of the important parts of your life. You need it wherever you go. You should not ignore its little problem.

Most people are facing the problem of Loud Tire Noise at Highway Speeds. When you shift your speed low to high your tires are making noise. Regarding this issue, I have written this full article. It might help you to find a way to stop noise from your vehicle.

My suggestion would be to read this article and implement those required solutions. Especially inspect your car periodically. It will help you to know about recent and problem moreover, the inspection could tell you about the upcoming problem your vehicle might face from its parts.

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