5 Easy Ways to Silence a Noisy Laptop Fan

As a laptop owner, the fan’s noise is a problem that most people face. Sometimes this problem can really get you annoyed when you love to work in a calm environment. But is this problem insoluble? Of course not. Today we will give you the solution to this problem.

If you are following my soundproofing tips to soundproof your apartment and room then your loud laptop fan making grinding noise might bother you undoubtedly.

But you can’t stop or remove laptop or desktop fans as these are the only hardware that removes all the hot air from inside of your laptop and keep your laptop as cool as possible. If the hot air doesn’t come out from your computer then the hardware might get damaged.

So, how to fix a laptop fan making a buzzing, grinding, rattling noise? There can be numerous reasons for this problem. Problems like dust accumulation, malware, internal issues, and overheating can cause a buzzing sound. To make it stop, you can clean the fan, add an additional cooler, or make some configuration changes.

In order to find out the root of the problem and solve it wisely, you need to know more details. So, today, we will share the details with you in this article. Let’s move on to the details!

There can be a lot of reasons why your laptop fan making noise. In order to let you know in-depth, now we will share each reason and the solution one by one.

1. Remove Dust

Excessive Dust and Dirt Build-up

Sometimes excess dirt and dust can accumulate inside the fan and therefore make it hard to move. As a result, your laptop’s fan will be stuffed inside and it’s quite troublesome to open up a laptop and clean it, most of the time people are hesitant and sceptical about cleaning. As a result, it can be the reason behind your laptop making a weird noise.

That’s why computer repair experts always suggests to keep the computer away from such place where dust and dirt can flow easily. They even suggest to make a separate room for the computer and always use air conditioning in that room or place. Now let’s know how to fix the dust problem if occur.

How to fix it?

  1. Turn of the laptop
  2. Flip it and remove its battery
  3. Find the air vent at the corners and open that up using a screwdriver.
  4. By now, you will notice the fan. Now you have to blow out the dust using a blower/ vacuum cleaner or another fan.

Thus you can clean up the fan if dust is the culprit behind your laptop making noise. But if it seems to be clean, you can move onto and solve it according to the next problem.

2. Malicious Software Issue

malware attack issue

Sometimes the reason behind your laptop fan making a buzzing, grinding, rattling noise isn’t for any hardware issues but for software issues like Malware, short for malicious software.

Malware is software that causes damage to your laptop or PC. You will find many different malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, etc.

These software can slow down your device and more importantly damage your precious data. So if you don’t find any issue with the hardware then the problem must be in your software.

Look carefully that your laptop is operating slowly or not because this is the initial process by which you can be sure if your laptop has malware or not.

Regardless of you using Windows or Mac both the operating system comes with their default malware preventing and removing software. But sometimes the malware is so strong that the defense mechanisms of your OS fail miserably.

How to fix it?

If the malware is causing your laptop fan buzzing noise then the solution you should go for is using antivirus and remove the malware your pc has. First try with the free ones and if you didn’t get any result then go for the paid ones. You will find many premium antivirus in the market that can remove the malware from your pc.

Pro Tip: Scan your pc on a regular basis. You can use any scanner but I will suggest you use the one that is inbuilt to your pc.

3. Overheating

Laptop Overheating

Overheating issues can cause the fan’s operation failure and thus make it create a noise. If your laptop is making noise and you can feel it overheating during work, you can be pretty sure that the noise is coming because of your laptop fan’s work failure.

Overheating can happen if your computer and its hardware is very old. The software we use gets update every month and developers improves its features with every update. All the latest update are made to work great with latest hardware. So after a certain age due to the old hardware it becomes tough to work with updated software and the computer faces overheating issue.

How to fix it?

If your laptop or computer fan makes a grinding noise because of overheating, you need to add an additional cooler instantly. Otherwise, it can cause bigger and serious problems in the future. Now as laptops do not give the facility to use more than one cooler, you can use a cooler specially built for this purpose and place it underneath your laptop.

4. Using Too Many Applications Altogether

fan noise for too many software use

If your laptop has comparatively lower space and you open up a lot of applications and programs at a time, it might fail to work properly. Therefore your laptop may get overheated and create a noise issue.

Based on the configuration, your computer has limitations of processing software and applications. So if you require heavy multitasking such as video editing, gaming etc. then you must go for high configured hardware for your laptop. If you do heavy multitasking in a budget friendly pc then your pc will get damaged and will perform bad.

How to fix it?

The only way to solve this problem is not to keep unnecessary tabs open. Often your chrome browser can open many processors on its own and you can change its settings to avoid that. If you want your chrome browser to avoid opening unnecessary processors, go to settings and then entering the chrome option select the “Target” text box. And then Insert the phrase “process-per-site”.at the end of the line, and then click apply. Your work is done!

5. Overheating Due to The Surface

Overheating Due to The Surface

Sometimes the cooling process of our laptop gets stuck because of the surface where we keep our laptop. For instance, if you keep your laptop over your bed it will obviously be stuck by the surface and the fan won’t be able to cool down your laptop. Thus it will make a grinding or buzzing sound.

Laptop making weird noise because of the surface can prove to be so much annoying that you might left your work half done. This will not only harm your profession but also damage your laptop.

How to fix it?

The solution is simple. Do not cover the underneath of your laptop as it passes the air and cools down your laptop through the bottom portion. You can keep a little space to give your laptop the way to transfer the cool air inside. You don’t have to buy any additional tool for that, even the corner of a book can lift up your laptop a little bit.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to fix a laptop fan making noise. If you read the reasons and solutions with concentration, you will realize that both the causes and the solutions are pretty simple. So you can easily take the necessary steps by yourself.

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