Why Laptop Charger Making High-Pitched Noise?

Initially, every laptop charger makes a buzzing or humming sound during the charging period, but we do not notice it carefully. Sometimes those mild sounds turn into irritating noises, and we use them to search for the reason why laptop chargers making high-pitched noise. 

Coils are found in almost every electronic device, such as transformers and inductors. With the help of these components, electromagnetism transforms an AC power supply into a low-voltage power supply. These components’ fluctuating magnetic field lines may vibrate at a high frequency and create a high-pitched noise.

If a laptop charger is making an unbearable noise, then no one can blame the wall socket or charger components blindly because there could be a bunch of possible reasons.

Laptop Charger Making High-Pitched Noise: Dig Into The Deep

The continuous high-pitched sound of a laptop charger can make you irritated and worried, especially if the laptop charger makes a noise when plugged in. Because at that time, the first question that may arise in your mind is whether your laptop charger is safe or not. So, if you are the type of person who is confused about where the sound is actually coming from and what the cause is, then do find out the reason. 

But before jumping into any step, you should know about an interesting fact, and that is that all electronic devices can produce different noises, so there is no need to worry about if the sound is mild, but if the laptop is making a high-pitched noise, then there may be something problematic arising there. 

Laptop chargers mainly produce a humming sound, but sometimes they can squeal too. To solve this problem, there are lots of videos available on YouTube on how to fix the laptop charger’s high-pitched noise. But actually, the fact is, rather than watching this video, you should try to find out your own laptop charger issue. Because laptops are expensive and chargers are also heavier. So, it is normal that the noise may have been more unpleasant than a mobile charger.

The Probable Time of Making Noise 

Some laptop users have noticed that while they put their charger into the plug, they hear their laptop charger making a crackling noise, and a few minutes later, it stops. On the other hand, for a few people, the scenario is different because they notice their laptop charger makes a buzzing noise, which is a high-pitched noise, so there is no specific timing for the noise. It will depend on the laptop charger brand or the electricity flow.

On the other hand, using a defective wall socket, an old charger, or an overcharged laptop can also produce a high-pitched noise. The mechanism of a laptop charger is more critical than that of a phone charger, so do not treat your laptop charger as a phone charger. Because do not forget, the laptop charger is divided into two parts and the AC and DC power converting processes are also different in the case of a laptop, so when the cuboid box of the laptop converts AC current to DC current, a high-pitched noise can be produced or sometimes when the two parts of the laptop charger meet together, a cracking sound can be made.

Causes of Noise 

When the AC adapter operates quietly, the laptop makes a variety of noises. It can be a buzzing, hissing, humming, cracking, or clicking sound. The reflection of these sounds mainly shows that your laptop is damaged and is no longer working. Moreover, a bad cord can damage your laptop too. So, avoid these types of incidents to find the solution to why a laptop charger is making a high-pitched noise. Disconnect any suspect cords from the laptop as soon as possible to avoid internal and other cost-effective issues.

However, already we have found a bunch of reasons that can create a high-pitched noise during the charging period of a laptop. But there are a few major and accurate reasons that can create noise. Such as:

  • A noisy adaptor can create a buzzing sound
  • If you overheat your laptop charger
  • A low-quality charger
  • Inappropriate electricity flow
  • Transformer issue
  • the source of the short circuit
  • Overheating the cord

How to Fix This Problem?

Every problem has a solution, and laptop chargers’ high-pitched sounds have one too. There are a few solutions that can help you fix this problem.

Check the Charger

Check the condition of your charger. Is it okay or not? Do not drag your laptop charger on the floor while charging. Check the length of the cable of the charger and use a good wall socket. Besides, take care of the external matters of your laptop charger, such as the cord, transformer, and connector. 

Change The Socket

If your charger is making noise, then the first step should be to change the socket to be sure about the cause of the noise. 

Do An Ac Adaptor Test

You can try an adaptor test as an HP laptop user. To do the test, switch off your laptop, plug it in, press the Esc key, then press F2, select component test, press power key, press the adaptor, and finally press the run once button. 

Look At The Cord Output

To stop the high-pitched sound of your laptop, check whether the cord is fluctuating or not. Because the voltage output is not steady or drops suddenly, then you should check the amp rate of your laptop. Because if any laptop demands 19.9% voltage and 2 amps, then the charger should be 39 watts. Moreover, a 19V, 3A laptop, for example, would need at least 57W to run. In terms of adapters, you may get a higher-wattage cord but not a lower-wattage one. Your laptop, for example, might use a 60W, 75W, or even 90W converter, but not a 45W one.

Stop Using The Noisy Component

If your laptop charger is making noise, then it is not necessary to buy a new charger. Just find out the real reason for the noise and replace the problematic part of the charger.

Buy A New Charger 

After applying all the problems, if the charger noise does not reduce, then the last solution is to replace the charger. When you change your charger, buy a brand new one.

To conclude, if your laptop charger is making high-pitched sound then before changing the whole charger just replace the component, check the component and cable. But if the level of the sound raises at an intolerable rate then just change the charger of your laptop. 

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