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Have you ever tried to sneak out from your house while trying not to disturb your parents? Or, tiptoeing out from a room trying not to wake up a sleeping baby? It’s almost impossible for anyone to never encounter such things in life.

In fact, these situations occur in our lives so often that, learning how to walk Silently is a life-long lesson you would need. 

Footstep sound while walking is a natural phenomenon in our daily life. However, we have to be cautious in certain situations to make sure we aren’t causing any disturbance to others. Hence, walking silently is a skill that we need in our day to day life. Moreover, you can prank your friends or family by suddenly jump-scaring them from behind! Sounds fun, right?

Jokes apart, some native people of Africa can move so quietly that you won’t even realize their movement. Although we are not aiming for such high mastery, some of their techniques can level up your silent walk game!

From sneaking in your house to a soundless stroll through the wildlife, you can do everything whenever you want.

Basic Preparation on Walk Silently

If you are thinking of a secret outing that none can notice, the dress-up is something you should plan accordingly. Avoid any loud outfit that ruffles or swoosh whenever you move. A dress made of linen, silk, cotton fabrics is a better choice than some nylon, leather, or polyester wear. The main point is to avoid all types of noisy material.

Next comes the shoe part, as your footwear is quite important for a muffled walk. While sneaking out, the best way is going barefoot obviously. Just carry your shoes till you are out of the door and put on them later.

But expecting no sound when you are wearing hard soles is a bit unrealistic. If you have to wear shoes, choose a light one like soft sneakers, moccasins, etc.

How to Walk Silently on Creaky Floors?

How to Walk Silently on Creaky Floors

Silent walking on a wooden or squeaky floor seems really easy in reels, but in real life, it is exactly the opposite. However, with some basic skills and finesse, you can become a master in this. Follow some simple steps and you will find yourself walking much more stealthily than before.

  • Take off the hard-soled foot-gear if you are wearing any. Going shoeless is the best option, but you can also wear socks as they are more discreet.
  • Try to wear clothing made with soft fibers. Avoid any bulky get-up that swishes when you walk.
  • Balance your weight on your leg carefully.  Instead of the whole toe-to-heel area, position it so the ball of your foot can stabilize your weight. Once you have taken the first step, transfer your weight on the other foot.
  • Floorboards alongside the wall or heavy things are generally tightly fixed. Therefore, try to walk next to those areas. Make sure the place where you are going to step in is clean.
  • As your breathing sound can echo through the wooden floor, you should breathe slowly.

How to Walk Silently Like A Ninja?

Taking a ninja walk requires more than just silently walking around. Moving like a ninja is sure going to be a fun thing if you know how to do it. To be a pro at it, you have to be careful about your surroundings and people as well. This ninja technique can be used for both outdoor and indoor walks.

  • Instead of holding your breath, maintain a low breathing style to avoid loud exhales.
  • Before stepping further, check if the place has any crunchy or noisy objects.
  • Lower your body and balance the weight on your right foot.
  • Start moving the other foot lightly and gently put it down.
  • Next, shift the weight on your left foot and step on using the right one. Keep doing this until you reach your target.

How to Move Out Quickly and Silently?

Moving out from a place can be time-consuming and noisy if you are not well prepared. Nevertheless, you can smoothen this whole process with some prior arrangements.

  • First, remove your shoes. Go barefoot instead.    
  • Put your steps on clean areas with no trash.
  • Make sure you are taking each step by carefully balancing your weight.
  • When you are stepping your right foot out, put your body weight on the ball of your left foot. The same goes for the other one. 
  • Once you reach the door, slowly open the door without making any noise. Get yourself out, and you are through!

Final Thoughts

In your lifetime, you will find various occasions where you would need to walk like a cat. It could be for sneaking out from your place at night, for a scary Halloween prank, or not to awaken a sleeping baby, etc. The possibilities are countless.

Hence, you can use your hidden ninja ability to make sure you don’t get caught while being evasive! Once you learn how to walk Silently understands that the escaping battle is half won!

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