How to Stop a Wooden Bed from Squeaking?

Squeaking is a screechy sound. We may not be familiar with the word, but we are pretty much familiar with a squeaky noise, and not only that we can also address it as a high-pitched sound or a crying sound.

We often heard this squeaking sound or noise from different sources. Just like the toys we have played with at an early age, from the car while drifting, and from a wooden or metal bed.

This squeaky noise becomes a pain in the ass while you are trying to sleep at night after a stressful day. I mean, after a long tiring day, everybody wants noise-free sleep. But your sleep could become interrupted because of the unpleasant squeaky noise from your bed.

However, every problem has a solution. To reduce your stress and give you noise-free sleep. My today’s topic is How to Stop a Wooden Bed from Squeaking. I will try my best to give you the best solutions regarding this squeaky noise from your wooden or metal bed as my content goes along.

What Is the Reason Behind the Squeaky Noise from The Wooden Bed

It is better to know what is responsible for your wooden bed’s squeaky noise. Suppose you identify the problem first. You will get the solution more quickly. The reasons behind the squeaky bed are loose joints and missing bolts from the bed frame. These are hypothetically considered a major issue for the squeaky bed.

However, not only the bolts or joints are responsible for the squeaky bed, there could be several other reasons for the squeaky bed such as; defect on the box spring, mattress-related issue, using an old mattress, defect on the bed frame, and so on.

If you have a squeaky bed in your house, check your bed’s joints, check your bed frame, and change the mattresses. This will help you to get rid of your squeaky bed problem.

7 Ways to Stop Squeaky Noise from the Wooden Bed

There are so many ways you can stop the squeaky noise from the wooden bed. I am going to discuss all the possible solutions for your squeaky bed.

Key Takeaways: 7 ways to stop squeaky noise from the wood

  1. Change the Mattress
  2. Fix the Box Spring
  3. Tighten the Joints and Bolts
  4. Using Oil on the Box Spring
  5. Change the Unrepairable Bolts and Screw
  6. Get a New Bed Frame
  7. Metal Washers Replacement

Let dive into this,

1. Change the Mattress


If you are using a mattress for a long time, then it would be one of the culprits for your squeaky bed. Old mattresses produce squeaky noise. We often forget about changing the mattress, or we do not care much about the mattress.

However, mattresses can affect your health also. Old mattresses can interrupt your sleep as well as would be responsible for your health condition. Mattresses could lead to neck pain, joint pain, sleep disc, and so many other health trouble.

On the other hand, an old mattress produces squeaky noise from the wooden bed. It’s better to change the mattress between 5-6 years. It will help you to get rid of squeaky noise.

2. Fix the Box Spring

Fix the Box Spring
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 A defect or broken box spring can make your bed squeaky. The better solution is to change the box spring with a new one. If changing is not possible for you by this time. You can fix the box spring.

Box spring is basically used for the support of your mattress. Any kind of crack or defect in the box spring could make squeaky noise from the bed.

So, it is better to fix your box spring or replace the box spring with the new one. So, you can get relief from the squeaky noise of your bed.

3. Tighten the Joints and Bolts

Tighten the Joints and Bolts
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Most of the time, the reason behind the squeaking noise is the loose joints and bolts. Wooden or metal bed both could face the same issue. Using a bed for a long time can make your bed joints and bolts connection shaky and loose.

By tightening the loose joints, you can prevent the squeaky noise from your bed. For tightening the bed joints, you can use screwdrivers. Consolation for you is you can fix it on your own.

4. Using Oil on the Box Spring

Using Oil on the Box Spring
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Box spring is considered one of the common causes of squeaking. If you want to soundproof your bed, you need to take little care of your box spring. Box spring is mainly designed and built with a wooden frame, and it contains a spring inside.

However, after using it for several years, it becomes weaker like every other thing. What you can do is, you can use oil inside the box spring. Lubricants are helpful for the spring. If you use lubricant, the springs do not become rusted easily.

So, another excellent solution for your squeaky noise from a wooden bed is Using oil inside the box spring.

5. Change the Unrepairable Bolts and Screw

Change the Unrepairable Bolts and Screw
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Most of us use a bed for a long period of time. Like we are getting older, things we are using also become older. Like our body parts, we started to lose energy. The same goes for the things we use. Nothing could stay forever.

So, my point is when you use your bed for a long period of time, it is apparent that its body parts are starting to lose their energy. The bed frame contains bolts and screws. These bolts and screws hold the entire bed frame.

However, after several years it becomes rusted. Sometimes it becomes unrepairable. So, when it becomes unrepairable and pretty old. It’s better to change the bolts and screws with the new ones.

6. Get a New Bed Frame

New Bed
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 The squeaky sound may be coming from the bed frame itself or its interaction with the walls and floor. Frequent movement, low temperature, or heavyweight will loosen bed frame bolts over time, causing an unsteady, brittle, and squeaky structure.

Temperature changes can impact metal bolts and wooden bed frames as wood swells and heats. This fluctuation of wood can lead to a squeaky sound. It can brush against itself.

The bed’s legs will even freeze to the ground or scratch the wall to create noise from both of them. The bottom of a bed will grind and pinch along the concrete.

7. Metal Washers Replacement

Metal Washers Replacement
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Metal washers are basically disc-shaped metal with a hole in the middle. It is also used as a spacer. Washers are used to reduce the threat of damage to the wooden bed. But used for many years, those metal washers are affected by rust. Moreover, it weakens the bed frame, as well.

So, if you find any squeaking noise from your bed, you can check your metal washers, and if it becomes brownish, then it is time to change those metal washers. Buy new ones and replace them with the old ones. By doing this, you may get relief from a squeaky bed.

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Beds are the ideal place for resting or sleeping. If I specify more, beds are the ideal place for sleeping. But if your sleep got interrupted because of your bed. Then, you are in a horrible situation.

As I have mentioned earlier, we often use a bed for a distant future. So, it is evident that using the same bed for a long time affects the bed’s body parts. The screws and bold become loose and rusted, and the bed Frame becomes cracked. It can happen with both wooden and metal beds.

However, every problem has a solution. In this article, you will find all the necessary steps that could help you find a way of how to stop a wooden bed from squeaking.

The way I have shown in this article is practically proven. If you are facing any sorts of squeaky bed issues, you can follow all the steps I have given above. Hopefully, it will help you get rid of your squeaky bed issue, and you will get a sound sleep.

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