13 Ways Soundproof an Apartment Door Quickly

A noisy door can be very annoying. Most of the rented apartments do not have decent soundproof doors. As a result, you may experience disturbance while sleeping. It can also distract you from performing any task that requires concentration.

There are many reasons for an apartment door to make noise. But the primary reason for the noise is friction. Your door may produce friction with the door frame, threshold, door hinge, and many other objects. So, the primary way of soundproofing an apartment door is by eliminating friction.

In this article, we will discuss the techniques by following which we can soundproof an apartment door and soundproof a doorway as well.

1. Soundproof Blanket

Soundproof blankets function like a soundproof door cover for blocking noises. A soundproof blanket works by letting the noise go past its exterior layer toward its interior layer. As the interior layer is made of sound-absorbent materials, the noise gets absorbed and gets considerably weakened. Therefore, the noise coming from the outside is drastically reduced.

Usually, soundproof blankets come with holes to aid the installation procedure. Do not use permanent adhesives to install the blanket if you want to reuse it again. Use screws to properly secure the blanket on the door. Make sure not to leave any gap between the inner layer of the blanket and the surface of the door. 

2. Weather Seal Tape

weather stripping door seal strip

Though weather seal tapes are designed for weatherproofing external doors or windows, they work really well to block out outside noises as well. Weather tapes are extremely durable and are made out of very thick materials. As a result, they can isolate the door from any unwanted noise coming from outside.

Just simply apply the weather seal tape around the door frame. You can also use tape to cover any holes or cracks in the door frame. Make sure to apply the seal tape on both the external and internal portions of the frame. Also, make sure to select an odorless seal tape as you will be using it indoors.  

3. Soundproof Door Sweep

Soundproof Door Sweep

Installing door sweeps on the apartment door can substantially reduce any unwanted noises from entering the apartment. Door sweep works by blocking out any noises coming from outside the apartment with the help of rubber loops situated at the bottom part of the device. It is also able to block out wind noises as well.

The installation procedure for installing a door sweep is very easy. Door sweeps come with prefabricated holes on the top portion. Just place the door sweep under the door and use screws to secure it in place. Make sure to choose a door sweep that matches the width of your door.

4. Lubricating Door Hinges

Lubricating Door Hinges

An unlubed door hinge can play a big role in producing annoying squeaking noise every time you open or close your door. The door hinge is a metal device that helps to rotate a door. The bearings inside the hinge can wear out because of constant use and make squeaky noise.

You can lube the hinges by using silicone spray or grease. Simply use a decent amount of silicone spray or grease on the hinges and sway the door back and forth. The swaying motion will help the lubricants to reach the bearings and properly lube them.

5. Sealing Cracks Or Holes

Acoustic Sealant for soundproof window

Cracks and holes can open up on your apartment door if you are living in an old apartment or if your apartment has a very old door. Many unwanted noises can get inside your room through the holes or cracks in your apartment door. Wind noises can also pass through the holes and cracks aiding the noise problem.

Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved with materials that we can find anywhere. If you have a wooden door, you can use wood glue or epoxy to block out any holes or cracks. Just apply the resin and wait for it to dry up. After that, sand out and residue. If you have a very large crack, then consider using Wood splines for the repair.

6. Changing The Threshold

Bottom Seal for Soundproofing

The threshold is a piece of wood located on the bottom of the door. It is used to close the gap between the door and the floor. Due to prolonged usage, the door threshold can wear out and become useless in closing the gap. As a result, unwanted noises can enter the apartment.

You may require the help of professionals for replacing the threshold. You can do it by yourself as well if you have the required skills. But for proper installation, you should seek the help of professionals. 

7. Reinforcing The Doors 

By Reinforcing The Doors

If a lot of external noises are coming from outside of your apartment door, then the chance of your door being hollow is very high. Many apartments install hollow doors for saving costs. But these hollow doors can let unwanted noises from the outside to enter the inside of your apartment. Luckily, there are many techniques to solve this problem.

Reinforcing your door with sound-insulating materials can very easily solve this problem. You can use Styrofoam to fill in the hollow structure of your door. You can also reinforce your door with wood. Doing so will not only soundproof your door but will also improve the structural integrity of the door and offer greater protection against force.

8. Using Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof curtains are a good cost-effective way of blocking out unwanted noises from entering your apartment. Soundproof curtains absorb the unwanted noises coming from outside and muffle them. Installing them is very easy as well.

You can hang soundproof curtains from a metal rod just above the apartment door. Make sure to select a metal rod that is longer than the width of your door. After installing the metal rod, hang the soundproof curtain from it.

9. Expanding Foam

By Using Expanding Foam

Expanding foam is used to fill in very large gaps. Expanding foams can also be used as a soundproof material. As mentioned before, the door frame or the door in your apartment can develop cracks and gaps. And those gaps can let outside noises in. You can use expanding foam in order to close the gaps and properly seal the door.

10. Foam Panels On The Door

Foam panels or acoustic panels are used by professionals to block off any unwanted noise from entering the room. You can use foam panels on the apartment door in order to properly soundproof it. Acoustic panels can absorb sound waves and stop them from reflecting on the surface.

Installing foam panels is much easier than installing soundproof blankets or curtains. You can also cut the foam into your desired shapes and sizes very easily with a sharp object. Use double-sided tapes for the installation process. Properly cover every surface of the door for the best result in soundproofing.

11. MLV

By Using MLV

MLV or mass-loaded vinyl is a type of noise barrier. As the name suggests, MLV works basically by utilizing its mass. Attaching MLV to any surface increases the mass of the surface which in turn helps to stop noises from breaching the surface. MLV is a permanent solution for soundproofing.

MLV also blocks out noises coming from your pipes and ducts. You can install MLV by using nails, screws, or pins. Make sure not to leave any gap between the MLV and the door while installing it. MLV is a very good cost-effective way of blocking out unwanted noises.

12. Door Rug 

By Using Door Rug

Annoying noises coming from outside can also be blocked by using door rugs or a carpet. Place a thick door rug or a carpet on the doorway. The thickness of the door rug should be enough to reduce any friction and form a seal. It should provide enough isolation to stop outside noises from breaching inside.

13. Change The Door

If you don’t want to go through any trouble and still want to soundproof your door, then you can always choose to replace your door with a modern soundproof one. Prefabricated soundproof doors can be found in any door shop.

Modern soundproof doors come with sound-insulating materials sandwiched in between the internal structure. They are very efficient at blocking off noises. Many soundproof doors also come with a door sweep prebuilt on the bottom of the door in order to eliminate any chance of noises passing through the door.


Soundproofing an apartment door can be a challenging task. If not done properly, soundproofing may not work at all. There is also a chance of inflicting self-injury because you may have to work with heavy machinery. There are many good soundproofing companies that can do a better job at soundproofing a door than you can. And it is risk-free as well.

So try to consult a professional company for the best result in soundproofing. You can also find many soundproof apartments for rent if you don’t want to go through the hassle of soundproofing. Also, make sure to arrange for a proper fire suppression system because most soundproof materials can be extremely flammable.   

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