6 Ways To Soundproof Window: (DIY GUIDE)

When you are working or resting inside your house, you would want a calm and quiet surrounding. But often, it becomes difficult to obtain it as controlling the outside noises is not as easy as to do inside.  But don’t worry! Today, we are going to tell you about some brilliant and effective ways of how to soundproof a window from traffic noise.

Home is the one place where our heart feels peaceful. However, we live in an age where getting a completely noise-free place to stay is a luxury that not all of us can afford. Specifically, the traffic sound can be too loud and irritating to spoil your mood. In such situations, sealing all the ways from which sound can enter is the best way to preserve your sanity.

The window is the prime access for outer sounds to enter a room. While you can buy and fix the best soundproof windows to solve this issue, there are several cheaper yet effective ways to achieve the same result!  

1. Rearrange Furniture:

Rearranging Furniture for Soundproofing

This one is the easiest and most convenient way that you can try first. Sounds keep moving around, and each time it hits a solid surface, it dies bit by bit. You can put a bookshelf, showcase, or wardrobe in front of your window to prevent incoming noises.

However, this technique will affect the light exposure of the room. If you think of it as a problem, place them around your window instead of in front of it.

2. Acoustic Sealant:

Acoustic Sealant for soundproof window

You might have noticed sounds bothering you even with your window closed, right? It’s because of the teeny tiny holes and spaces between the window border and the wall. Blocking these gaps can reduce the sound volume to a tolerable extent. And this is where an acoustic caulk or sealant can help you out!

The caulking process is simple and quite easy to follow. First, remove the window trims for a better result. Take your sealant and fill all those gaps with it. This polymer-made product gives a great finish and stays in effect for a long time as well.

3. Soundproof Windows Inserts

Soundproof Windows Inserts

If you think taking professional help would be better than doing the work yourself, using soundproof window inserts or interior storm windows can be a good idea. Inserts are one type of extra framed glass layer to be fixed over your already existing window. These sliding panes are undoubtedly the best solution when it comes to soundproofing your window.

However, this can be costly if you wish to go with a more economical method. But regardless of the expense, this will serve you long and well.

4. Use Soundproof Window Panels:

Soundproof Window Panels

An acoustic window panel is another great way to use it as a sound barrier. These fiberglass panels are built with high-end heavy products, making it a sturdy and handy barrier to absorb all the chaos. This is a bit of an expensive option with an average outlook. Nevertheless, you can use some pretty curtains over them to make a better visual.

5. Soundproof Curtains or Blankets:

Soundproof Curtains for Window

If you want to make your window blocker look elegant rather than a regular piece, use some soundproof curtains to fulfill your wish. These heavy fabric layers can deplete the sound waves to a certain level. In case of heavy sound pollution, it would be wise to add some extra elements to the curtains.

You can also choose long ones as you can fold them to make them extra thick. In emergencies, you can grab the thick blankets and throw them over the window. These thick sheets are usually made of dense and heavy layered materials like fiberglass, polyester, mineral wool, etc. ultimately making them DIY soundproof blankets!

6. Window Plug:

window plug idea

A window plug is one of the most convenient ways to solve the window noise issue. This super effective tool is easy to build using low-cost resources like foam materials, soundproof mats, and wood-board. You can make it yourself as the method is easy and fun! Just install it wherever you need it and remove it later.

However, this is a temporary solution as it is not durable enough. Not to mention the blocking of light from entering your room as well. If you are okay with no sunlight in your house for a while, you may opt for a DIY window plug.

Why You Should Soundproof Window

Soundproofing your window makes a lot more sense if you think about it from a broad perspective. Everyone wants to avoid constant noise as it can impact our psychological and physical health as well. Especially if you are trying to relax or doing a serious task, you would want pin-drop silence in both scenarios.

You can always remove the window from the wall, but come to think of it, a place with a sound-blocker window seems way better than a no-window room!

  • Reducing Noise: If you do it right, a soundproof window can reduce the noise level by up to 95%. It is almost close to none that you would barely notice! Moreover, you can enjoy a silent atmosphere amidst a daylight-filled environment.
  • Easy Installation: Installing a soundproof window is very easy to do as it requires no replacement. You just put it as another window with the existing window. This costs way less than remodeling your house to block outside noises.
  • Temperature Control: Soundproof windows not only lessen the noise level but also influences the air and temperature. In summer, you can maintain your desired AC temperature for a cool and steady environment. Whereas in winter, heating your home and retaining the warmth will be easy. Due to the controlled airflow, you will be saving lots of energy and cash flow as well.

Final Words

Constantly hearing loud sounds is pretty harmful to your health and mind both. However, the traffic sound is something you can’t control from inside your house. The best way to save yourself from sound pollution is to block the window so no noises can be heard.

After going through these useful techniques of how to soundproof a window from traffic noise, I’m sure you are surprised to see how easy these DIY projects are. For a budget-friendly solution, you can try any of these methods to see how well they block outside noises. 

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