5 Easy Steps to Soundproof a Hollow Door

If you’re looking forward to making your house soundproof and at the same time dealing with the hollow door, this is perfect writing for you.

People purchase hallow doors because of costing less compared to solid wood or solid core doors. But if you’re using this, you would know about the irritating cranky noise this can make. This prone noise can undoubtedly affect your peace, sleep, or study.

The way noise pollution is increasing around us in recent days, we must think of controlling it however we can. So we should face as little noise as we can when we are in our residents or territory. Exposure to too much loud noise for a longer period of time can cause hearing problems for us.

You will be surprised to know that excessive sound can temper your calm mind and make it violent also. It can break your concentration on work as well.

 Also, changing the doors at once just because of noise is not really easy. This requires a reasonable budget and enough hassle to carry.

Then what’s the solution? How to Soundproof a Hollow Door? Don’t worry, here in this article, and you will know five easy steps to get rid of the irritating sound of your home door.

Well, there are not only five easy go-to steps that can make soundproof effectively. But the specialty of these five steps are all these five steps are practically tested and the result is noticeable.

As a person with no experience, you might get a little confused; some steps may seem tricky too. Once you understand the steps in detail, it will get more comfortable for you.

So the five easy steps are:

  • Collect ingredients
  • Adding Mass to fill hollow core door
  • Sealing
  • Installation
  • Placing heavy furniture

1. Collect ingredients

You would need some ingredients. Before starting any of the steps mentioned above, you would need these products:

  • Fiberboard mats
  • Fiber sheets
  • Weatherstripping seals
  • Door draft stopper
  • Noise-reducing curtains
  • Sound absorption sheets.

Once you’ve got all these ingredients, you can start the steps. You can find these materials in any hardware shop near your location but I would suggest you order them online because of the global pandemic. We must not go out and also maintain social distancing.

Buying all the materials will not help you until you know where, when and how much you need to use them.  Follow the steps below and you will get all the answers one by one.

2. Adding Mass to fill hollow core door

To block the sound waves, one of the best things you can do is add Mass. This might seem a little silly way to block noise from outside but trust me it works.

But before adding too many bunches, you need to keep in mind that it should not make the opening and closing function difficult.

To add the Mass, you can play a little smart here. You should include thin and dense materials as the Mass. It will take up less space and won’t look bulky on the interior of your house.

This can make the whole process so easy, light, and smooth. Before choosing the right fiberglass, you should look for the sound-dreading ones.

You can get these kinds of mats in the car material shop as these are usually used in cars.

Besides, you can also use fiberglass sheets, Mass loaded vinyl. Using these can work as the perfect noise grabber without any hassle.

Here is also a small tip. You should use the mats, sheets, or MLV on both sides of the door. This step can provide you with the best result.

Adding the perfect kind of Mass will significantly work to insulate the interior door at best. You can soundproof hollow core doors using this method also. From my experience, I think it will work for the core door also.

3. Sealing

Acoustic Sealant for soundproof window

The second thing you should give a shot at is sealing. Now, what should you fill for removing the hollow core door sound? Sounds little rough, right?

In reality, this one is a tiny and simple step to do. All you need to do is, seal the cracks in the door. You should not even ignore the smallest cracks.

To get all the shots in your eyes, you should do a satisfactory inspection. You can use acoustic caulk to seal the cracks carefully.

Sometimes, the gaps between the door frame make powerful cranky sounds. To seal these, you can install a soundproof door strip. For better understanding, you can use a door gasket, weather stripping, etc.

Using these can make the gaps reduce as well as the irritating sound disappear. No matter what sealing material you use to soundproof hollow doors the major part is finding the spots that need to seal.

If you seal without proper inspection all your effort and time will go to waste which is as disappointing as losing a close football match. If you are confused about finding the right gaps you can search over the internet or on YouTube and gather knowledge before you start.

4. Installation

As you’ve done the first two steps carefully, time to move to the next one. This one has to do everything with the bottom part of the door.

There is an essential thing to focus on to avoid the cranky sound if you don’t know. This is the gap between the floor and the door. This works as a prominent link for soundproofing any room.

Blocking the opening not only blocks unwanted noise but also improves the thermal insulation process of any room. But remember not to overdo it because if you overdo it you will face difficulties regarding opening and closing the door.

To make complete the step, you can use a door sweep. Using the perfect door sweep also will keep the room insects-free.

To get an excellent door sweep, you can find various options in the market. You’ll get adhesive steps that can make the whole process easygoing.

5. Placing heavy furniture

Rearranging Furniture for Soundproofing

Placing heavy furniture around your door can make the sound decrease more than ever. This way can make two differences. You can rearrange the furniture in your room for difference.

At the same time, this will work as solid core door soundproof. If you are wondering whether this is gonna work or not then read carefully below.

To make the step happen, you have to choose the heavyweight furniture to move. You can pick up the bulky cupboard, bookshelf, and wardrobe near the door.

This step will not affect the door directly. But in a sound-reducing way, this can control the cranky sounds of surrounding walls.

You can use heavy blankets, electrical insulation taps, acoustic caulk, or silicon-based bathroom sealant as an alternative. You can do every step with alternative products.

For that, you need to have the perfect information and well resource. Before starting the primary process, make sure you have the perfection of resources.

Final Words

Hollow doors are really very popular. Because of being a great budget-friendly option, almost 80% of people use this kind of door. But the only attraction reducer of the door is the cranky sound.

In this writing, you’ve got the five most straightforward and simple to do ways to reduce the sound. All you need is the right kind of products and enough attention to do all the steps correctly.

Getting the simple, easy, and correct answer for “how to soundproof a hollow door” isn’t as easy as it seems. You can find many solutions but most of them are confusing and hard to follow.

In this editorial, I tried to focus on making the steps much easier and achievable so that you can DIY soundproof a hollow core door whenever you need it.

If you’ve understood the easy-going ways, try them. If you’re a first-timer, take the help of anyone. These steps won’t take much time. Also, don’t forget to share this writing with the people who need to fill the hollow-core door to make it soundproof.

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