5 Essential Tips Reduce Noises of Your Upstairs Neighbors

Noisy upstairs neighbors, this has become one of the trendy complaints among apartment-living people as well as city dwellers.  Some people become habitual with this problem, and some are still complaining about this problem to the authorities and hoping to get some help. And some are searching on the net, reading blog after blog for the proper solution. If you are dealing with your loud, noisy neighbor and want an endless solution to this problem, you are in the right place, buddy!

As we all know, the sound is an energy that can travel through numerous media. So It is nearly impossible to stop its journey. But what we can do is we can reduce the noise.

We are going to enlighten you about some of the hacks for how to reduce noise from the upstairs neighbor.

Loud Walking Upstairs Neighbor, What To Do

Neighbors are not blessings for everyone. They can become your biggest nightmare. Specifically, who is living upstairs? The impact of the noise can be characterized as the impact of footfalls or other motions from above, while airborne noise is airborne noise, such as voices or music, that penetrates the floor/ceiling assembly.

In certain situations, where the sound transmits through the system, the sound can also be the system-borne sound transmission. If you are dealing with such loud walking upstairs neighbors, what you have to do is follow some of our tricks and tips.

4 Types of Upstairs Neighbor Noise Are Bothering You

First, we must specify what type of noises are bothering you;  Your upstairs neighbor’s footfalls, the upstairs neighbor barking bulldog, or the upstairs neighbor loudly playing music.

Different solutions are depending on the type of problem. The most common problem basically people face is loud walking upstairs neighbors. If your case is the same, then you first have to clarify it to your neighbor.

You can advise them to use a thin carpet on their floor. By doing this, the noise level will reduce. This tip can help you from your loud upstairs neighbors as well as your quota of complaints regarding your neighbor will come to zero.

Another tip we can suggest to you is that you can use some echo-reducing techniques along with panels or other soundproofing material. That will help you to reduce noise from upstairs neighbors.

1. Using Acoustic Foam

You can consider it as one of the cheapest tactics to save yourself from the loud upstairs neighbors. You can install it on your own, or you can call professionals to install it in your house. By the way, it will charge extra money if you installed it by professionals. However, if you want to save that extra money, you can use it as a DIY project.

Acoustic foam hasn’t that pleasant look but trusts us that it has the ability to reduce that annoying sound or noise. By using this, you could get rid of your loud walking upstairs neighbor.

Ascending the acoustic foam is very easy. There are several ways you can mount the panels on the ceiling. The best part is, to hang it like a cloud. The method will be adjusted well in the pipe and obstruction types of ceiling. You can also fit them on the ceiling spikes.

2. Increase the Density of the Ceiling

If your upstairs neighbors are walking loudly on their floor and you are feeling annoyed like hell! Then it would be best if you increased the density of the ceiling.

Increasing the density of the ceiling will help you to install soundproofing material. The more you increase your ceiling density, the more you can install soundproofing material on your ceiling.

Moreover, you can add layers of soundproof material. That will make you feel comfortable from your annoying upstairs neighbor’s noise.

3. Drywall

Using drywall has proven handy for the unwanted noise from your upstairs neighbor. This will help you to reduce almost 80% of unwanted sounds from your upstairs neighbor.

Making layers of drywall has always proven handy for annoying sound. You will get the best result if you can make multiple layers of drywall. Although drywall can help minimize the noise from upstairs neighbors, it is not the best solution, however. There are other materials that will make the job done much easier.

4. Green Glue

We personally recommend green glue. The green glue is the one that I use in my soundproofing projects at home. It is reliable and super easy to apply. With this material, you can do the project yourself.

Green glue is very easy to install. You can buy it in the hardware shop nearby you, or you can order it online.

There is nothing harmful about Green Glue, but warn your installers that it can be tough to clean up after it has dried. Take precautions such as drop cloths and latex gloves when using Green Glue. Take care to remove the Green Glue from unwanted surfaces before it dries. Use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to clean up Green Glue.

It will help you reduce the loud upstairs neighbor, and your life will become easier than before.

5 Essential Tips Reduce Noises of Your Upstairs Neighbors

Most apartments, city homes, or condominium owners are usually complaining about their noisy upstairs neighbors. Unfortunately, in most situations, there’s no quick remedy. The thing is that you can hear voices, heavy music, the TV, even the doors of the wardrobe. There may be noise in the toilet in other situations.

We want to inform you that to solve this noisy neighbor issue, soundproof living.com manufactured some devices. That will clear out your upstairs loud neighbors’ problem.

1. Install Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof curtains are exactly the same as regular curtains. The best thing about soundproof curtains is it is designed in a way that allows them actually to reduce the amount of noise.

This is a kinda device for upstairs neighbors. Very easy to install. Moreover, you can use it as home decor because of its stylish design. It looks like an ordinary curtain, but the materials used in it are very thick and heavy. Which really prevents unwanted noise from entering your room. 

2. White Noise Machine

A white noise machine is one of the popular devices for noisy neighbors. Many people use it and get better results from it. Because of its growing popularity, many companies started to manufacture it. MarPac is one of the renowned companies of white noise machines.

It looks like an alarming device and is very small but handy. You can fix it in the area where basically you have pointed out the noise comes most.

It is much cheaper and more versatile than the other sound machine. In our perspective, it is the best device for noisy neighbors.

3. Sound Deadener

A sound deadener is a kinda device that can help you to deal with Noisy neighbors. Sounds like walking on the floor, a highly loud, teenage music party, or any other unwanted sound can be reduced by the sound deadener.

Sound deadener has also proven handy like the other soundproofing devices. You can use it for your comfort.

4. Safety Ear Muffs

Safety earmuffs are like a headphone, a device—one of the easiest devices from all other soundproofing devices. The best part is you can use it as a headphone. Moreover, it is convenient.

This headphone, like the device, will help you to protect from your loud upstairs neighbors. A pair of safety earmuffs has the wonderful ability to block the noise. You can also use it in a boisterous area as you can carry it in your pocket like your headphones.

You can buy it from the shop, or you can order it online. It is a very handy device for loud upstairs neighbors.

5. Mass-loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier

Mass-loaded vinyl is the ultimate tool for adding mass to your walls, floors, and even ceiling even without adding unnecessary bulk. The Synthetic material is fairly thin and flexible while retaining its functionality.

The main purpose of using this material is it can block the sound completely. You can use it in soundproof pipes, air ducts, or construct window plugs.

Final Thought

The above-given articles have already hinted to you about how to reduce noise from upstairs neighbors. We all know unwanted noises are very disturbing while you are taking a nap after a long tiring day, or you have to concentrate on your work properly.

Moreover, noises are very dangerous for your health. So we should be aware of making noise. Our upstairs neighbors or our next-door neighbors could feel annoyed by the noise we are making. It could be the reason for their disturbance as well.

In my suggestion, the best way to solve this loud, noisy neighbor issue is to talk to your neighbor frankly and tell them that you are facing a problem because of their highly loud noise.

If you couldn’t make them understood, you can follow our articles and use some soundproofing devices for the upstairs neighbors. Moreover, you can take necessary actions against them by reporting to the authority.

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