How To Reduce Noise From Upstairs Floors?

Do you hear loud, irritating, and annoying noise from the upstairs floors? Do you wish to reduce the impact of noise from above? If yes, then this article is for you my mate. Read the article below and you will know how to reduce noise from upstairs floors.

You can’t choose your parents but did you realize that most of the time you can’t choose your neighbors also. Hahaha, I know it’s a bad joke but at the same time, the suffering is real. If you are still reading this article then you must be facing this problem and searching for a solution.

In this article, we will not only show you how you can reduce noise from upstairs but also together we will find the exact reason for your noise. So before getting into the noise solution part let’s find out why you are hearing such loud noises from the upstairs floors.

Type of Noise You are Dealing With

Finding the perfect solution for reducing noise from upstairs floors depends totally on the type of noise you are facing. So to identify the type of noise you have to know what kind of noise that can occur on the upstairs floor. Only after you identify the noise you can choose the correct method for reducing impact noise from above.

Now without doing any delay let’s know the types of noise first and then we will know how to reduce them.

There are three types of noise you will face from the upstairs floor and these are

  • Impact Noise
  • Airborne Noise
  • Flanking Noise

Let’s dig into deep of these types of noise…

Impact Noise: the noise that is created by impacting or touching something to each other. Impact noise is not possible without two objects contacting each other and it’s the most common noise problem in apartments and floors.

Your neighbor’s children running on the floor and you can hear their footsteps from your room that’s an impact noise for you. Loud upstairs noise from your neighbors is mostly an example of impact noises. Apart from your annoying upstairs neighbors, you can find impact noise from your room also. There are multiple ways of reduce noise of these kinds but we will talk about the solution later.

Airborne Noise: the noise created b the airflow is called airborne noise. You might be thinking about how air can produce noise, right? Well, air can create noise but not that much and the real meaning of airborne noise is traveling the noise from the root to your ear through the air.

Airborne noise is hard to reduce as any noise can travel through the air and air is everywhere. Airborne noise becomes a curse if you get annoying upstairs neighbors who create loud noises all day long by playing loud music, talking loud, watching tv in high volume, etc.

Other than that, if your apartment is near highway roads or any construction work then your life will become hell by airborne noise.

Flanking Noise: Some noises annoy you and when you search for it you find a place far away from where the noise you are hearing. Flanking noise can pass through surfaces or even in the air. As in franking noise sound passes through surfaces the sound source can be multiple.  

Your air conditioner that is installed outside of your house can also create franking noise. Sometimes you may not able to find the sound source at all. So finding a soundproofing solution for this kind of noise is almost impossible.

Find the Location of the Noise

Now that you know what kind of noises you can face, it’s time to find the location of your noise. Generalizing the type of noise and then finding the location of the noise source will help you to choose the right ways to reduce noise.

Search carefully and intensely in every corner of your house. Start searching when the noise starts coming because thus you will find the accurate location of the noise. Search in the rooms, kitchen, washroom, balcony, stairs, and everywhere near your house.

The noise can come from a spot or multiple spots. If the sound is from the upstairs floor tell your neighbors to find the location of that sound.

Top 5 Easy Ways on How to Reduce Noise from Upstairs Floors

Let’s say you have found the location of the sound source and it’s from the upstairs floors. So now the question is how you can reduce noise from upstairs floors. To reduce noise from upstairs floors I will tell you 6 easy ways. You don’t need to know rocket science about soundproofing to reduce noise. Follow these 6 simple and easy ways to reduce noise.

Ways to Reduce Noise

Repair the Ceiling:

The first way that you can follow to reduce noise from upstairs is to repair your ceiling. You can increase the density of your ceiling by using insulation. This approach is particularly useful for airborne sounds. It greatly eliminates upstairs voices and telephone rings. 

It will help to minimize the noise of effects, for example, but may not be as successful as other approaches. You will want to call a specialist if you intend to insulate the ceiling. This is particularly true if you want to do it all over your house.

You will find a lot of YouTube videos on this topic. So if you wish to do it alone you can go for it but first, learn it properly.

Acoustic Foam Panel

Soundproof Foam

It’s great equipment to block noise from upstairs. If you want an easy and hassle-free solution for your noise reduction then you should use an acoustic foam panel. The only drawback of this method is that your house won’t look as good as it was earlier after using acoustic foam.

Unlike acoustic panels on walls, you need to use separate panels for the ceiling. Since you must block the upstairs floor’s sound, try to use premium acoustic foam. You can try the Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Panel from Foamily. You can buy different variants according to your requirements anytime.

Not only are these panels incredibly thick but they are also very clean and well built. The stiffness of the boards allows them to eliminate the sound and the sleek design makes the ceiling look good.

Green Glue Effect

Green Glue Noise proofing

From we can tell that it’s glue and people use glue to stick things together. So now we are going to use glue to reduce noise? Well, gaps and cracks between surfaces also help to let in the sound into your apartment. 

Using this glue you can seal and cover gaps or cracks of the surface if you have any. You will find different types of glue in the market. But I suggest you use this specific green glue because it works well for soundproofing. You don’t need any professional experience to apply this glue.

All you need to do is identify the noise source and if any gaps or cracks cause it just apply it and forget the sound forever.

Use Drop Ceiling

 Sound Absorbing Acoustical Drop Ceiling

If the noise is increasing day by day and after applying a couple of easy ways to reduce noise doesn’t work you can go for this solution also. The drop ceiling is like a second ceiling that hangs down over the first ceiling.

The science behind the drop ceiling goes like this after you install the drop ceiling there will be a space between the actual ceiling and the drop ceiling. Space also is known as the plenum area and because space is not so big the air in it feels more pressure than the outside air. This allows you to block the noise helps you reducing impact noise from above.

If the noise that you are facing is very loud and continuously annoys you only then you should go for the drop ceiling because it’s a very expensive thing to do.

Discuss With Your Upstairs Neighbors

How to deal with your upstairs neighbor legally

This solution is for those who are having loud upstairs neighbors and they made their life hell with a loud noise. If you find that the noise from upstairs floors is screaming, running, and doing different noisy activities of your neighbors then the best way to reduce this noise is talking with them.

With proper talking and understanding, you can solve the noise pollution and find a better way to reduce noise from upstairs neighbors.

Final Verdict

We go through noise pollution all day long on the road, cafes, restaurants, malls, etc… We can’t control outside noise but when we come home after a long tiring day we would certainly want a noisy free peaceful staying. But if we face noise pollution in our home also then our mind would stay rough and irritated.

We won’t be able to concentrate on anything. If we continuously live our life in these loud noises, we might lose us or decrease our hearing power. We may not control and reduce the outside noise but we can control and reduce noise from upstairs floors in our home. Learn how to reduce noise from upstairs floors and block all the noises of your home today.

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