How To Reduce Bass Noise from Neighbors? [Easy Ways]

When your neighborhood is full of various types of people with different minds, you are bound to face some noise issues from some of them. And if they love to play loud music, the bass sound is way more difficult to tolerate than the sound volume itself. Hence, knowing how to reduce bass noise from neighbors will make your life much more stress-free.

After spending long hours in our hectic life, we all want to feel peaceful and relaxed time in our homes. However, your neighbor could be thinking the opposite of you. And while they indulge themselves in their musical frenzy with high volume and low-frequency bass, you are the one that has to suffer all along. 

There are many ways how to stop loud music from neighbors. You can follow these to relieve the discomfort. But before that, let’s learn why the bass sound is damaging to you.

Why Bass Sound is Bad for You?

A high volume of sound is naturally not good if you want a healthy lifestyle. You may get surprised to know this, but bass noise can be more harmful than the sound volume itself. And there is a solid reason behind it. Bass noise is not the typical sound that we hear. It’s more like an impact that you can feel. In short, you could say it is the materialized version of the sound.

Even deaf people can feel this phenomenon. As it moves via vibration, you would sense the bass even from a distance. Thus, it increases noise pollution which is bad for both your mental and physical health. It can create extreme anxiety and stress in people with sound sensitivity. Continuous exposure to bass should be avoided at any cost.

Due to the distinct nature of bass sound, regular soundproofing methods are not going to work for you. If you want to save yourself from those irritating bass noises, scroll down to see which technique is the most suitable for you.

How To Reduce Bass Noise From Neighbors

Speak to Them:

Your neighbors playing loud music during the day doesn’t make them bad people, it might just mean that they have no idea about others’ sufferings. People often fail to realize that their simple actions may cause complications for someone else unless they get to know about it. Sometimes, communication can be the best problem solver. 

In most cases, this misunderstanding can be easily cleared if you inform them about your issue. Just go and politely talk to them, and let them know what you feel. And if they are considerate, they will surely tone down their bass and volume next time. Or you could also suggest they soundproof their place so both parties can live however they want. 

If you don’t want to get involved personally, consult with the landowner or the housing management authority to convey your message. 

Soundproof Curtains & Blankets

Your window and door are the best access for sounds getting inside the room. These openings contain many small gaps and holes that allow sound to enter even when they are closed. Moreover, the bass noise can easily go through the solid yet thin window glass. To solve this problem, you can simply use some soundproof curtains or blankets

These can diminish any loud noises through absorption. They are different from regular blankets or curtains as their source material is way sturdy and thick. These multiple-layered fabrics can soak up the bass sound making your home calm and quiet. Hang them around like regular curtains and enjoy the tranquility. 

Close the Cracks and Gaps

As I mentioned earlier, doors and windows tend to have many spaces and holes that we often forget to check. No matter how tiny the gaps are, sound waves can easily enter a room via those spaces. For a quick and simple solution, you can use weatherstrips to block the voids. This process is easy enough to do yourself. For the best outcome, make sure the area is clean and has no extended spot.

Soundproof Floor

Bass sound can transit through dense materials. When your neighbors play music with low frequency, you can hear and feel the bass sound through the floor as well. To soundproof the floors, you can use a thick and heavyweight carpet on the floor. The layered material will absorb the sound wave and tone down the noise level. 

Try to use a rubber mat for a better impact. A rubber mat under the carpet will boost the soundproof effect a lot.

Use White Noise

While talking about white noise, keep in mind that this tool is just to make the bass noise bearable, not to remove it. As it merges all the audible frequencies, any other sounds get subsided upon hearing it. When you want to rest or work amid your neighbor’s musical endeavor, use a white noise generator to deal with the bass sound. 

You can also customize the machine however you want. 


If you don’t want to spend your time on any DIY project, wearing noise-blocking earmuffs is the quickest and most convenient method for you. These also help you to get sound sleep or maintain your focus on the work at hand. Earbuds can also block the background sounds while letting you hear your own soothing music.

Bass Traps

A Bass trap is another effective device for noisy neighbors that can entrap the sound passing through walls. This device can seize the low-frequency bass noise that your neighbors create. A great option to prevent any loud noises from entering your room. Just tactically place the bass traps and capture all sounds coming from your neighbor’s house.

Final Thought

Well, neighbors can give you a tough time sometimes. While most people get cautious once notified, some of them can be unreasonable to do so. In such cases, you should know how to reduce bass noise from neighbors, so you can save yourself from constant bother.

You can always take professional help to soundproof your rooms or refurbish your house. However, these methods involve a large amount of money and time. If you are thinking of something cheaper, the tricks and tips we have mentioned also have some budget-friendly options. See which one is the best option for you regarding the overall situation.

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