6 Ways Open a Soda Can Quietly

The popularity of soda can have reached all over the world. It is very much famous for all ages.  The main reason behind its immense popularity is, it is quite refreshing. Especially during the heat of summer, people love to use it for refreshment purposes.

A soda can is a metal container. A pop tab is used at the top of the can. Because of that pop tab, it makes a noise while you try to open it.

But a soda can opens quietly. In case you aren’t aware of this. The article will help you to find some worthy techniques regarding how to open a soda can quietly. By knowing those techniques will create a cool impression in front of your homies. Alongside, you will get rid of the noise that a soda can make while opening the tab.

1. Use the tab

Place the index finger of your dominant hand under the ring of the tab. This is the upper section of the tab which is hollowed out from the middle and also the nearest to the side of the can. Your finger is behind the tab top.

There will be more in the middle of the opposite end of the page, and the future will be to open the indentation physically.

Using a butter knife or other flat object to pry the tab up when you can’t keep your finger under the tab.

This is one of the ways to open a soda can by using the tab. There are a few more techniques there.

Another way of opening a soda can be using the tab is. To protect your grip, rest your thumb on top of the tab and place your thumb at the very middle of the can with the same dominant side. This should be at the bottom of the tab, which helps direct it.

2. Opening a Can with No Tab

Use a can piercer and create a hole in the can. Can piercers have a sharp end in the form of a triangle that allows the aluminum to build holes? So now place this pointy end against the top of the can, and with the other hand, keep the can in place. To shape a hole, use pressure to pierce the can.

To stop cutting your lip on the pierced opening, spill the drink into a bottle or cup, if possible, Use a skinny, blunt object to rotate the can lid and use the item to generate pressure against the indentation’s front, such as a lighter or key, right where the lips go when you drink a sip. Rub the object on this position back and forth vigorously until the lid bursts open when gripping the can on the other hand. When successful, this approach also produces a loud pop.  Be sure the object is not sharp. You will not tear the object’s open deck, and you will attempt to create friction.

3. Open a Soda Can without Making Noise

After knowing how to open a soda can now, I will discuss how to open a soda can without making noise.

People often like to drink beverages. Sometimes situations demand to open a soda can quietly. So, you need to know about those techniques to open the can quietly for tackling such cases.

  • Place the knife’s pointy bit in the middle of the bit that folds in and hold the knife with your left hand.
  • You can use the knife to punch the can with your right hand, but don’t bounce your right hand off the knife. Your right hand is enough. Keep the strain with a knife on the hold, allowing the gas to escape from the monitor/screen/keyboard in a controlled lodge without pouring liquid gold.
  • Raise the tab to display the folding bit, which starts to detach from the can body. It’s only on one side, typically the right one.
  • Avoid raising the tab when you see a void. Place your knife in it, follow the crack around, and open the package in a managed manner with your blade.

So, these are a few tactics to open a soda can without making a noise. Although, these are considered some of the cool ways to open a soda canIf it is still making a noise, that means you are doing it wrongly.

4. Open a Can Without A Can Opener

It isn’t easy to open a can without a can opener. Life has become much easier nowadays. People love to do things without difficulty. As I mentioned quite earlier, opening a soda without an opener is difficult. But if you fall into situations like that, you have no can opener in front of you. You need to follow our instructions instantly without any difficulty.

5. Using a Pocket or Kitchen Knife

On a safe surface, position the heavy bag. A hip-height table is acceptable. Stand over the box to make it easier to enter.

Scoot over the knife to create a new hole. Place a few centimeters over the edge of the knife and repeat the procedure in order to squeeze the can again.

Continue to the end of the can until you have perforated holes. Like you can for a tube, circle the whole lid. The deck should be loose now.

6. Use a Spoon

If you have no can opener better, you can use a spoon to open a soda can. It is a safer and more relaxed way to open a soda can without an opener. Suppose we compare the knife and spoon. The spoon is safer than the blade to open a soda can.

All you have to do is, take a spoon, pressurize the point of the tab of the can and pull it. Your soda is ready for drinking. Sir!


Sometimes we fall into situations when we really had to open a soda can without making noise as we are adults enough to understand what kind of cases I have mentioned! I am not going into depth.

The technique I have mentioned in the entire content, I can assure you, will help you find your answers regarding how to open a soda can without making noise.

I was hoping you could read about those techniques and implement them in your real life. It will be helpful.

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