How To Temporarily Make a Car Exhaust Quieter?

Loud exhaust in a car is not for everybody. People often use it to maintain a cool image in front of their circle. They forget that not everyone is fond of this loud exhaust noise.

If you use a loud exhaust system intentionally in your car then it might be okay for you or you are fond of it. But if you find that loud exhaust noise accidentally. That could be the most annoying thing in the world. Not only for you but also for your surroundings.

How To Temporarily Make a Car Exhaust Quieter? If you are looking for a perfect solution for that you are in the right place. But keep one thing in mind that, a temporary solution will no way near lead you to the permanent one.

If you are in the middle of any journey and suddenly your exhaust system gets louder. 

It will definitely put you in an embarrassing situation. No one wanted to fall into this kind of situation.

Using a quality full exhaust system is better to get rid of this problem. The standard exhaust system will not be much louder. But in the middle of the road, you couldn’t think about the standard exhaust system either.

For making your exhaust system quiet you need to know why such a problem arose.

Why does Loud Exhaust Noise Occur?

There are several reasons for the loud exhaust noise. It could happen if your vehicle is hit by something in the road and gets damaged internally.

Or, another vital reason is rust. Rusted exhaust could be the main culprit behind this loud exhaust.

Even though, a damaged muffler could be the reason for your ongoing problem.

Before going to the solution to make your exhaust quiet it is better to know the causes. If you know the causes of why your exhaust system became too loud suddenly.

4 Best Ways to Make Exhaust Systems Quiet Temporarily

These ways help you a perfect solution more quickly without getting worried.

Fixing the Exhaust Leak

Leaks in the exhaust system have been found one of the major reasons behind the loud noise. If you find any kind of leak or hole near your exhaust system. Try to fix it as soon as possible. You can fix it by yourself if the hole is not much deeper.

Apart from that, if you find your car leaking fluid from somewhere. Go to the nearby garage and fix it.

A hole in the exhaust system is considered the most possible sign of an exhaust leak.

Wrap Tape Exhaust

Depending on your exhaust system hole you can use another two popular products. If your whole is not that deep use a permatex epoxy stick.

If your exhaust system is quite deeper then you can go for muffler cement. Both the products you can buy from an online shop or a nearby car repair shop.

Change the Muffler

The muffler is one of the integral parts of an exhaust system. It is used for making the exhaust system quiet.

Any kind of damage to the muffler will make your exhaust system louder. People like us often ignore the muffler and ain’t really aware of this.

If you find a sudden loud exhaust noise from your car. My first advice would be to check the muffler.

Solution: Changing the muffler isn’t that easy. If you have changed it in the past then you can go for your own. Otherwise, I would prefer to go for a technician and ask him to change your muffler.

By doing this, you can find the proper treatment for your exhaust system. Moreover, if any other damages occur in your exhaust system the technician will find it and fix it for you.

Apart from all that, you will get to know about some of the bestselling mufflers in the market in recent times.

Or You can make car exhaust mufflers homemade, Check the video:

Use Silencer

To get rid of the loud exhaust noise you can use a silencer. Silencers can help you not only to lessen the noise but also to narrow down the hole. How much you will narrow the hole it will produce less sound from the exhaust system.

Before buying the silencer. Make sure that you buy one which suits your specific exhaust.

Installation of a silencer is quite easy. You can do it by yourself. All you have to do is slip it inside the exhaust pipe and it is good to go.

It is a very easy and affordable solution to your problem. But it might not deaden the sound completely.

Rusted Exhaust Repair

Rusted Exhaust Repair

A rusted exhaust system also plays a vital role to get a loud noise from your car. Often we neglect the rust in our exhaust system. But it could become one of the major issues.

If you recently find that your exhaust system is rusted. Replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will make more noise and you will become exhausted.

My suggestion would be for the car owner to keep checking your exhaust system quite often. Unless it is too late. If rust attacks your entire exhaust system. It is better to change the exhaust system.

Noise from a rusty exhaust caused by a crack, or by several holes rusting together.

Solution: You can use exhaust paste, which is a special heat-resistant glue. Alongside, you can use a few bandages. This material will help to deaden the loud noise from your exhaust system.


Apart from all this, always keep one thing in mind that, those solutions are all temporary solutions.

Also, all these methods are inexpensive, but you’ll obviously have to spend a bit more money if you’re looking for a solution regarding How To Temporarily Make a Car Exhaust Quieter? Peace!

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