8 Different Ways to Chew Quietly While Eating Foods

One of the most irritating sounds in this world is the loud chewing sound people make while eating. It’s also considered bad table manners in most places. And while you can soundproof your ear from different noises, it is your responsibility to save others from the weird noises made by you! Hence, it is important to know how to chew quietly.

You might be thinking, why a mere chewing sound should be taken seriously? Yes, chewing is quite normal as we must chew before digesting the food. But it doesn’t mean you should chomp on your food like an angry animal. You won’t want your gnawing sound to make another person uncomfortable, and vice versa.

We don’t like to eat alone unless we live alone. And when we are together, we must follow some decorum to show respect to others. Munching your food all the time is a sign of your less consideration towards other people.

How Does Chewing Sound Affect Us?

Sounds can affect and impact us in various ways. While we tend to ignore or get used to the annoying sounds around us, those are still counted as noise pollution. Moreover, some people can get triggered emotionally upon hearing such nuisances. This is a serious ailment with the name Misophonia, meaning ‘hating sound’.

Even a munch can result in anxiety and panic attacks in a misophonic patient. As bad as it can be, not all of us have this disorder just because we get irritated by noises. It is just that some of us get more affected than others.

8 Practical Tips to Eating Quietly

Not everyone intentionally makes loud sounds while eating, some of us might not even realize that we actually do it. Because what we hear feels natural to us. And while people around us get annoyed with it, they don’t tell us for fear of hurting our feelings, making things worse. You might not know, but it could be you too. Hence, you ought to be careful as well.

Following certain ways to eat can train us and build the habit to enjoy our food in silence. Doing it can be more difficult than saying it, as we are talking about changing a long-term habit. However, if you keep practicing these methods, things will become easier with time.

1. Slow Eating

If you observe closely, you would notice that most loud eaters tend to eat really fast. This is an acceptable style if you are at your home with no one around. After all, long hours of work are bound to make you hungry and a hungry one is an impatient one. Nonetheless, it is wise to eat your meal slowly for many reasons.

Not only you would make less noise while eating slowly, you’ll also enjoy food in its truest form. Besides, the slow eating habit will prevent you from overeating as your brain starts to signal that your tummy is full.

2. Try to Eat Non-Crunchy Food

Crunchy foods like apples, crackers, carrots, etc. are delicious and are consumed by many. But they are loud when you bite into them. While eating less of these crunchy foods is the best option for a quiet meal, stopping these foods altogether might be a tough thing to do. 

However, you could use a different approach. Cut these items into small pieces before consuming them.

3. Keep Your Mouth Closed

Research says you should chew your food 20 times for better digestion. And while counting it, keep your mouth closed the whole time. It means no water and no talks. This trick will help you to slow down your food consumption while reducing the chewing noise.  

4. Keep Your Eyes Shut

This may sound a bit weird at first, but closing your eyes during dining can help you to cut down the chewing noise. This one is more like a mind trick that you apply physically. When one of your senses stops working, the other becomes more aware of your surroundings. That includes your taste bud and your hearing sense as well.

Thus, you will be focused on your meal along with the chewing sounds. You would be alert once the eating gets loud and adjust it accordingly.

5. Concentrate on Eating

If you have a habit of watching tv or scrolling through your mobile while having your meal, the chances of you eating your food fast are fat. This might be the reason behind your loud chomping sound as you don’t pay enough attention and keep stuffing your mouth with food.  

Stop doing this and start focusing on your meal, you would notice if you make loud eating sounds and control it.

6. Ignore Other Noises

When you are eating at a public place, the noises of that place can be so distracting that you unintentionally start chewing your food loudly. This is not an uncommon thing as chaos is bound to create more chaos. To avoid such situations, just focus on your meal and block everything else out of your mind. Using noise-canceling headphones or a white noise device can help you out with this.   

7. No Alcohol While Eating

While drinking alcohol with a meal is a normal thing to do for many people, too much liquor can make you feel no restraints or forget proper etiquette. You wouldn’t be able to concentrate on your chewing sound in such conditions. Better avoid drinking it altogether. And if you must, try to take small and few sips.

8. Avoid Snacks

Snacks like fries, chips, wafers, etc. are the most consumed foods all over the world. While these finger foods are delicious, they, unfortunately, belong to the ‘loud food’ list. No matter how much you try to eat them in silence, those nibbling sounds can get on someone’s nerves. Therefore, try to lessen snack eating and increase the intake of healthy food.

But when you can’t help it and indulge yourself in those tasty munchies, try taking one piece at a time instead of grabbing a bunch.

Final Thoughts

We all want to devour our food wholeheartedly with everyone. But one loud chewer is enough to spoil the environment and the mood. However, this is not an absolute fact that can’t be changed. These strategies regarding how to chew quietly are definitely worth practicing for all of us.

Keep in mind, while we can change our eating style by training ourselves, not everyone has the self-awareness to do the same. In such cases, telling them politely about the issue is the best thing you can do. If you do it gently, they won’t mind for sure.

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