How to Break Window Quietly?

After watching the title, one thing might hit on your mind why do we need to break the window before you start to assume something else? I want to clarify the thing that breaking the window is always not for evil purposes. Sometimes breaking the window can save a life.

Many of us experienced such kinds of things when we needed to break the window glass. But while breaking the window glass, a minimal percentage of people care about its noise. However, breaking the window glass is always noisy, and it can attract unwanted attention from people or your neighbors.

The reason behind that unwanted situation is that many of us don’t know how to break windows quietly. Today, I will discuss all the hacks that could help you break the window quietly.

Why Break the Windows?

Before entering into the techniques, we need to know the reason why we need to do so. There could be several reasons behind breaking window glass. As I have mentioned earlier, breaking a window can save a life. So, let’s discuss the fact that why break the windows?

Changing the Window Glass

First, start with something lenient. If you are using a car window or your house window for an extended period, then it is evident that you need to replace your window with the new one.

Using a window for a long period of time makes the window unworkable. It becomes jammed, cracked, and unmovable. I know many of us have experienced this in our life.

When such a situation occurs, all we need to do is change the window glass. For changing the glass, you need to break the unworkable one and install the new one.

Locked your Puppy/child at Home or Car

I think many of us have experienced this in our life previously. If it happens, the window was the only option to enter the house.

That is why I mentioned above, breaking the window can save a life. If you fell into such a situation, there’s only one option to break the glass. 

Locked out Of the House

Quite often, we locked ourselves out of our own houses. It could happen to anyone. This could be another reason for breaking the window.

If you locked yourself out from the house window, you would come to the rescue to get back into your house by sacrificing yourself. Because a window is the only option, you can get back to your house if you locked out yourself from inside the house.

5 Ways to Break Windows Quietly

After knowing all the possible reasons behind breaking the window, now it is time to know about some of the techniques.

1. Screwdriver

Using screwdriver for window break

A screwdriver can be used, and the tip can be moved between the window and the frame to leave a significant gap in your side. The more you have the screwdriver, the more weight you get, and the easier the difference will be for you.

If you work around the margins, you can also get the entire window out of the system to not fail because it will ring if you work around it on the deck. Naturally, you can only tear down the bolts, and you’ve done the work.

2. Spark Plug

Before you try using the spark plug, please remember that the plug fits better with tempered glass used for windows on the vehicle. If the glass splits, several little bits are lost.

It would be safer if you realize that no use is possible for the entire sparkplug.

Although I saw others using the entire plug, only the spark plug insulator is required (the ceramic part).

I wouldn’t say it is silent to smash a plugin in the car window. When done correctly, the spark plug automatically shutters the glass, and as tempered glass has not made much noise, it is meant to crack with minimal noise.

The plug is either inside or outside of the vehicle to break glass with the spark plug.

 Brush it into the floor or on the side of a house with the plugin in the palm. There may even be a hammer or a metal bar. You may end up with raw edges of ceramic chips just after the connection has snapped. Choose a single piece or two and smash the glass with it.

 When you choose the pieces, you should be careful to cut your side.

3. Glass Breaker

The ideal tool you can use to break glass quietly is, of course, a glass breaker because the tool is designed explicitly for impacting glass.

The glass breaker is very sharp in diamond and can either fracture the glass or box the glass in compliance with a glass form.

 For example, with a glasscutter on your window, the glass is likely to break into huge bits since it is very slim, so if you try to break it silently, you would not like to use full force.

As for the vehicle’s windshield, you can strike as hard as you want, and the thick glass breaks into a million bits but does not break through.

You should continue to force each part out until you have created a reasonably wide hole to hit the handle with your fist.

The car alarm would not go off if you are lucky!

4. Hammer

When you are in an emergency, the first-aid box is helpful when you fly with your relatives. Nevertheless, one weapon that each car owner can possess when it comes to the protection of you and your loved ones. In case of a rescue, the emergency hammer should still be in your vehicle—a simple instrument with a seat belt cutter and a metallic edge.

emergency glass breaking hammer
the emergency glass-breaking hammer

You should use it to break the window quietly, so you can quickly flee. This approach is valid in auto shops and ensures immediate crystal-clear glass shatters. It produces only a stagnant tone of the window panel chunks. It’s very cheap, and you just have to pay a couple of dollars to buy it. However, the investment that will save a life is essential.

5. Keys

To smash the bottle, you should use your keys. Choose the largest resolution you have and use it as a glass cutter, ideally with a sharp stick.

 This technique can operate on thinner glass but can’t allow you to track your vehicle’s windshield. Naturally, wrapping a towel around your hand, and the key to minimizing bruises or wounds.

This is an unorthodox technique to break the glass quietly. When you have no tools near you, you can try keys to break the glass.


There will be an emergency at any moment if your door is locked from the outside or inside with or without you. Windows are the only way to get out of that situation. It is evident that most of the time, we did not prepare for that emergency.

If you fell into such an emergency ever in your life and need to break the windows. You can break it usually. But it can create too much noise.

Or, it could lead you to another unwanted situation. So, it is better to know about the techniques of how to break windows quietly.

In this article, I have precise all the hacks and tools that could help you break your windows silently.

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