How To Block Out Noise While Sleeping?

Sleeping is the one activity that people enjoy best when unconscious, I mean you can’t do it otherwise! For a healthy life, 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep every day is recommended. But having a sound sleep amidst lots of noise is almost impossible, don’t you think? Hence, you should know different ways how to block out noise while sleeping.  

Infants have the largest time of sleeping hours among us. While it sounds great, with time, our sleeping hours get shorter by time. However, it doesn’t matter if you sleep more or less than the required hours. The most important thing is getting a peaceful slumber rather than long hours of restless naps. A good night of sleep is all you need to go on for the next day.

These days, everyone’s schedule is different along with their sleeping pattern. And when you live with someone, you can’t expect your environment to be silent all the time. But it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sleep for that. There are plenty of smart strategies to ensure you sleep well by blocking out noises.

Easiest Ways to Block Out Noise

Simply put, there are different ways you can prevent those loud sounds from disturbing you. Either you soundproof your ear, or you can soundproof your place.

The most convenient and quickest solution is to use earplugs. But not everyone is comfortable wearing earbuds when they sleep. If you are one of them, don’t worry, we have answers for you as well.

Block Out Noise With Earplugs

Sleeping with earplugs isn’t an unusual thing to do these days. In fact, many people prefer it considering it is a fast and swift process.

You can find plenty of soundproof earplugs specially made for sleeping purposes. Just put on your earplugs and go to sleep, no noises are heard, and no restless night. The comfort that comes with such earpieces is remarkable.

However, this method may not be suitable for everyone. Because

  • You might not feel at ease having something in your ear.
  • You won’t hear any suspicious sounds.
  • Wearing earplugs can cause infection in your ear. While it is not a certain thing to happen, the risk can’t be denied.
  • Carelessly handling the earplugs can damage your hearing.

These are just some possible downsides of wearing earplugs. However, if you feel safe and have no issues whatsoever, it shouldn’t cause any problems for you.

Block Out Noise Without Earplugs

So, you are one of those that want another way to block out noise rather than wearing earplugs. We actually have several earphone alternatives for you! There are lots of soundproofing items to ensure you a noise-free deep slumber.

Cover Your Ear: Let’s say you don’t want to feel anything inside your ear, but don’t have a problem with covering them, then this is the ideal method for you. Other than the earplugs, you can cover your earholes with something else without risking anything.

For example, noise-canceling earmuffs will provide you with comfort and the gentle feeling you need during your rest period. The soundproof headphones will do the trick for you as well. Go for the wireless ones if you don’t want to find yourself tangled in your cables.

Use White Noise: Listening to white noise can help you a great deal to have that peaceful slumber. As we know, white noise is a combination of all the auditory frequencies you can hear. It sounds more like a background buzz on a static tv. However, it is a powerful instrument that you can use to mask all types of sounds around you.

For a steady listening time, you can use a specific device that generates white noise. These products can play white noise with no break. You can also personalize it by mixing it with other sound effects. Or, you can buy a white noise fan to get cool air and that whizzing noise at the same time.

Use Furniture or Blankets: If the walls of your room are thin, you might focus on thickening those barriers with added layers of decoration. You can put heavy furniture in front of the walls, thus preventing sound waves from entering your room. Soundproof blankets are also a great choice as they are made with dense materials. You can cover your walls with blankets over them.

Use Soundproof Curtains: Take some soundproof curtains and make a bed canopy with them. Make sure the canopy frame is sturdy enough as soundproof curtains weigh a lot more than regular ones. Keep them hanging all day long, and pull them closed before you sleep. The one problem with this method is the lack of light inside it.

Cover the Openings: Sound can easily enter through the doors and windows even when they are closed. Use some soundproof curtains or blankets on them. Also, check and seal all the gaps and holes surrounding them properly.

How to Block Out Noise Mentally

While you can block sounds by various soundproof methods, there is a different type of noise that all of us experience at some point. It’s called mental noise, the noise we hear inside our minds.

If you think carefully, your thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. are no less than noise. While people can’t hear your mind, your mental sounds can be chaotic to yourself.

The usual soundproof systems aren’t going to work efficiently for this. To block out your mental noise, you need to divert your mind to something else. The key is to fill the mind with something soothing and comforting such as reading a book, doing meditation, or hearing music.

Final Thoughts

Hiring professional help for soundproofing your room will undoubtedly serve you a long time. However, the budget also matters. Hence, these simple ideas are well-thought considering all aspects.

Before using these methods, first, analyze which one would be most suitable for your room’s condition. That way, you will know how to block out noise while sleeping.

You should always keep in mind that a healthy sleeping habit is vital for a fit and happy life. If you are not getting enough sleep due to your roommate’s snoring, your neighbor’s music, or any outside disturbance, step up and fix the problem.

If you don’t know where to begin, start with the most basic one.  

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