How to Block Noise From Next-Door Neighbors?

Everyone wants a sweet and friendly neighbor on their next door. Next-door neighbors are those whom you can get for help anytime. From borrowing sugar to midnight emergencies, they are gonna be on your side. Unfortunately, it’s not happening to everyone.  

Some people find loud, noisy neighbors on their next door and If you are living next to noisy neighbors, your life will become a living hell. So, if you want to get rid of these then you can follow my article. This article is all about How to Block Noise from Next Door Neighbors and make your life peaceful.

However, there are numerous sounds you can get from your next-door neighbor. It could be their TV or it could be your neighbor’s pet or your neighbor’s loud voice. Every noise is irritating, and it is harmful to your health as well. So what you should do is to avoid those sounds.

You can move from your house and get a new house for the living. But I wouldn’t suggest that you will not face that annoying sounds from your upcoming next door neighbors because there is no guarantee.

So, what to do? I can give you some tips to help you out with this problem and show some of the hacks regarding How to Block Noise from Next Door Neighbors. Here’s are the 9 proven ways to block noise from your next-door neighbor

1. Talk to Your Noisy Next-Door Neighbor

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This is the utmost way to clear out your problem. Talk to your next door neighbors, share a good bond with them, ask them if it could be possible that they are even feeling disturbed by your noise.

There is also a possibility that they aren’t aware of how much noise they are making. So talk to them and consult them about your problem. After hearing from you, they could take the necessary steps about the noise. That can give you relief from this next door neighbor’s noise.

For me, it is one of the best ways to block noise from your next door neighbors.

2. Using Drywall on the Surface

fragile wall repairing

Sometimes the walls are fragile between apartments. This encourages the builder to incorporate more homes into the space available. But that also means that you are more than you would prefer to eavesdrop on your neighbors.

Having the wall a few inches thicker will partly dampen the other side’s vibrations. Attach one or two drywall layers, ensure minimum seams and firm positioning.

This could be another good way to survive from the noise of your next door neighbors.

3. Decor the wall with paintings

This is not the ideal solution, but it is one of the alternatives you can resort to. Just give your wall a new decor with some best paintings and It could be at its best if you do this after rearranging the furniture and fixing some furniture with your wall.

All you have to do is use some of the best paintings, set your wall, or you could choose some of the best photography collections and hang them on your wall.

As I have previously said that it is not one of the best ideas, but you could adapt this idea. If you are in the mood to shake things up a bit, this could be a two-in-one fix. It could be a way of blocking noise.

4. Install Acoustic Panels On The Wall

Soundproof Foam

This is considered one of the cheapest tactics to save yourself from the next-door neighbors. You can install it on your own, or you can call professionals to install it in your house. By the way, it will charge extra money if you installed it by professionals. However, if you want to save that extra money, you can use it as a DIY project.

Acoustic foam hasn’t that pleasant look but trusts us, it has the ability to reduce that annoying sound or noise. By using this, you could be the best way to block noise from next-door neighbors.

Ascending the acoustic foam is very easy. There are several ways you can mount the panels on the ceiling and the best part is, to hang it like a cloud. The method will be adjusted well in the pipe and obstruction types of ceiling. You can also fit them on the ceiling spikes.

5. Seal Your Doors And Windows

Soundproof Door Sweep

No, we’re not recommending your own indoor barricade. The sound floats through open windows and decorative door slots occasionally. Especially vulnerable are the differences between window munchies and door mullions.

And when the door is hollow, it’s harder. So, walk with a flashlight around the door, ideally in a darkened space—seal and ‘light holes’ using Fantastic Material.

This could be one heck of an idea if you are searching for a way to block noise in your apartment.

6. White Noise Machine

white noise machine for soundproofing

A white noise machine is a soundproof device and using it could be the best way to prevent noise inside your home. It has the ability to reduce the sound level and give you a noise-free life. There are special white noise machines that play a combination of sounds at different frequencies at the same time.

It’s not the noise itself that wakes you up, per se, when a noise wakes you up at night, but the abrupt shift or inconsistency in the noise that jars you. A masking effect is produced by white noise, which blocks the abrupt shifts that frustrate light sleepers or people attempting to fall asleep.

Some neuroscientists suggest this to use it to avoid external noise from the house and It is a good technical way to block the noise.

7. Soundproof Curtains

soundproof curtains

Soundproof curtains are exactly the same as regular curtains. The best thing about soundproof curtains is it is designed in a way that allows them actually to reduce the amount of noise.

You have done much of the work if you have followed the following techniques, such as soundproofing walls, doors, and windows. But you could be missing somewhere, so you can follow the approaches below if you need to tackle them. Installing Soundproof Curtains is the first thing. Now maybe you’re curious how curtains can block sound. It’s a curious thing, but they prohibit sound from penetrating because these curtains are not standard curtains constructed of soundproofing fabrics that are designed to filter sound out.

This is another foolproof idea to block the noise from your next-door neighbor.

8. Make Your Window Pane Double

So far, we’ve established that thicker is better. So if you’d like less noise leaching through your windows, double their density. You could replace the current glass with double panes, stained glass, safety glass, or tempered glass.

This isn’t a simple task – or a cheap one. Hire a professional glazier. Otherwise, you’ll just waste your money, and your work as well wouldn’t get done.

9. Make Your Entire Household Soundproof

Exactly! You are hearing the right. If you want to block noise from your upstairs neighbor, just make your entire house soundproof.

  • Make your wall soundproof 
  • Try to use a soundproof door
  • Soundproof your ceiling
  • Use soundproof window

By doing this, no external sound is going to enter your house and your house will become totally noise free.

There are so many devices in the market to block external noise and they are cheap as well. So just hire a professional and make your entire house soundproof.


In the end, with these easy ideas, you can create a soundproof and healthy life for your life and If you follow those tips properly, you don’t need to worry about your loud noise neighbors.

Those shown ways are the best answers to your question of how to block noise from your next door neighbors.

However, before applying those hacks to block the noise. Socialize with them, ask them if they are facing the same trouble that you are already in. Try to share a good and healthy bond with them.

If talking wouldn’t work for them, you could go for the options or way whatever you say, and you could have gone for this. Or, you could charge a report against them to the authority.

Take my word, and if you follow those simple ways, you will never have to deal with noisy next door neighbors again in your lives. All of these soundproofing tips are quite practical. You can try these right now in your homes, without having to loosen your purse strings too much!

Adam Houdge
Adam Houdge

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