How to Annoy Your Upstairs Neighbors Legally?

Your life has become vulnerable when you have annoying upstairs neighbors and you might have a desire to know, how to annoy your upstairs neighbors legally. Imagine you are exhausted and back home after finishing a long tiring day at your office. It would help if you had a sound sleep for the sake of your refreshment. In the meantime, your upstairs neighbor started stomping on the floor, or your neighbors annoying bulldog started barking in your sleeping time.

Or it can be that your neighbor has some kids who always love to make noise in their house, like stomping on the floor, throwing the ball in the wall. Those can really become a pain in the a$$ for you as a neighbor.

Always hearing these sorts of noise from those living above neighbors fall you into a dreadful situation, especially when you try to fall asleep at night because the noise doesn’t allow you to get some quality sleep.

In this article, you can find some tips and tricks about how you can accomplish your noisy upstairs neighbor revenge.

How to Annoy Your Upstairs Neighbors Legally

How to Annoy Your Upstairs Neighbors Legally

Put petroleum jelly on their doorknob

If you really want to see your neighbor suffer and want to get a perfect noisy upstairs neighbors revenge. You can try this sometime and trust me that will give you inner peace. Moreover, that will somehow reduce your butt hurt.

You can take a chunk of Vaseline and apply it to your neighbor’s doorknob. That will give them an unpleasant surprise.

Not only will the jelly feel unpleasant, but it will also make it harder for them to turn the handle and get into the apartment.

Keep one thing in mind that, if you get caught by your neighbor, we are not responsible for it. You have to do it at your own risk.

Knock on the door and run away

This is one hack of an idea to annoy your neighbor. Just press the bell of your neighbor’s door and run away from there. When they will open the door, and they are gonna find no one, it will also give them a pain in their little a$$, which will give you the perfect noisy upstairs neighbor’s revenge.

However, the above mentioned tricks are also illegal. If you get caught red-handed by your neighbor, you have to pay for this. So, do it at your own risk.

Use Ceiling Vibrator

Why not invest in a vibrator for the ceiling? This is a gadget that’s going to help you get even. This little machine produces waves on the ceiling to unleash vengeance on annoying upstairs neighbors. The vibrator will stop your noisy upstairs neighbor stomping.

A generator, cord, extendable rod, and a WI-FI remote in the gadget can cost you as little as US$ 20.

Taobao, a consumer-to-consumer website owned by Alibaba, markets the “ceiling vibrator” Via Alibaba from where you can get the gadget sent to you.

Call the cops and report against them

The tricks sound really harsh, but if you feel embarrassed through your neighbor day after day. And after getting a warning from you, they didn’t stop their activity and continuously made noise, then this is the last option you have in your hand.

When all the options end from your side, you should have to report it to the cops about your noisy upstairs neighbors stomping and how that is making your life miserable day by day.

How to make your neighbors move

How to make your neighbors move

In the very beginning, we want to clear you that whatever the circumstances are, we should have to show love and respect to each other. Always maintain empathy for them. Aware them first about your problem if they haven’t that much courteous in them.

However, not everyone will understand your behavior well. So For them, you need to take action. If your noisy neighbors are that kind of creep, you obviously need to take action against them.

If you are really feeling pissed off with your neighbor, then you should know how to make your neighbors move. Read below and you will have tons of great ideas to make your neighbors move from your house.

3 Easy Way on How to deal with your upstairs neighbor legally

How to deal with your upstairs neighbor legally

After all those creepy ideas of getting revenge from your upstairs neighbors, now we are going to give you some advice about how to deal with your noisy neighbor legally or without getting rude.

Be Friendly

Yes! Whatever the circumstances, be friendly with your neighbor and always Ask them if they also might feel the same disturbance as you. Talk to them and more socialize with them. Visit their house, invite them to your house. If you face any problem or get hurt by them, talking is the only way to solve your problem.

So there might be some consequences, but those friendly attachments get both of you a profit in general at the end of the day.

So, we will suggest you be friends with your neighbor as much as possible. Maybe who knows by doing this, you’re noisy annoying nemeses will become your greatest ally.

Ask yourself, are you an annoying neighbor?

As you are getting annoyed by your neighbor, there might be a chance that they feel the same about you, or they might get annoyed by you.

It could also be possible that just like you are reading an article about how to get noisy upstairs neighbor revenge, how to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors stomping, or how to make your noisy neighbor move.

They might be doing the same for you. So, precise yourself first and care about your neighbor as well.

Live a Soundproof life

If you really want to live a soundproof life or get very annoyed with your noisy annoying neighbors, we will highly recommend you to read the article – How to Soundproof a Room for Free?

You will find a good quality of accessories that can make your home soundproof or noise proof. We can assure you that using those accessories you’re complaining about your noisy annoying neighbor will come to 0.99%!

HaHa! Still, there is a chance of getting annoyed by a neighbor! We can’t assure you 100% as we are all human beings.

We can suggest some accessories for you to live a noise-free soundproof life:

  • Soundproof Curtains
  • Marpac White Noise Machines
  • Soundproof Window
  • Weather Stripping and Sealing Gaps
  • Use Comfortable Earplugs for noise-free sleeping

These are some of the accessories that can really make you live a soundproof life. That will also prevent you and get relief from your noisy annoying neighbor.


There is no doubt that life is hard, but if you get an annoying stomping upstairs neighbor, life has become a living hell. You might get shifted to another place, but there is no such assurance that you will not get an annoying upstairs neighbor.

You might get involved with the authorities regarding your unpleasant nemeses. That could help you to get rid of your stomping annoying neighbor.

Or, you could have made some stupid ideas to get revenge from your upstairs neighbor. But keep one thing in mind that also has some consequences if you get caught by your neighbor while doing this. They might send you to the authority or could have taken action against you.

Or if you are a humble man/woman. Suppose you don’t want to get into such trouble or get involved in a fight with your creepy, annoying neighbor. Make your house soundproof, so that is the way you can deal with noisy annoying neighbors.

Finally, reading this article may teach you how to annoy your upstairs neighbors legally or illegally but fighting with your neighbor or reporting against them is a really harsh solution to end this problem. We want to suggest to you that better talk to each other, be friendly with each other. Trust us, and it will be favorable to both of you.

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