Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Clicking Noises [Reasons & Solutions]

Do you have a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan that suddenly started making sounds? Are you wondering if all the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans make clicking sounds? Well, you need to know that, whereas not every Harbor Breeze ceiling fan makes a clicking sound, it is very common for them to make these noises after a while of being used.

You might face this nuisance of clicking sounds after using a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan or any ceiling fan. Mostly, these sounds are harmless and come from either a loose component of your fan or the warped shape of your fan’s blade. A little bit of inspection can help you identify and fix these noises.

However, you might require professional help in some cases if you fail to fix the clicking noises by yourself. Let’s see all the reasons behind the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan clicking noises and how to fix them.

Why Does My Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Can Make A Clicking Noise?

There could be several reasons why your Harbor breeze ceiling fan is suddenly making clicking noises. Many people mistakenly believe the issue is sparked because of the motor, but that’s not the case. You may notice signs such as the fan not working correctly if it’s a motor problem.

It can be a problem with the other components of your ceiling fan. These three are the most probable reasons behind your Harbor breeze ceiling fan’s clicking noises:

  • Bent Blades of the ceiling fans: meaning blades are not straight anymore rather curved/bent and creating noises by touching surfaces
  • Loosened Components/Accessories: meaning not fitted components that are creating friction when the fan starts to turn
  • Loosened Blades: meaning screws that hold blades in place are not screwed properly and creating noises during rotation.

Before you start to fix all the other hardware involved in the ceiling fan housing, try examining the components of your ceiling fan. If you can pinpoint which elements are leading the ceiling fan to create a clicking noise, you may be able to save a lot of time.

Basic Steps Before You Start Fixing Your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

In the next few steps, you will learn how to check why your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is making clicking noises. But before that, you need to know some basic precautions and maintain those.

Make sure you’re beginning on the correct foot before attempting to fix a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan that is making clicking noises. Follow these precautions:

  • Before repairing the fan, it should go without saying that you switch off the fan. This is the most effective technique for avoiding harm.
  • Trying to repair the fan while the power is on can potentially cause harm to the fan and the wiring.
  • Although some may be tempted to just snap the fan back into the previous position, this seldom succeeds and also is likely to inflict considerably more harm. if you do that, on top of the clicking sound, you may hear additional noises like buzzing, grinding, or rubbing, which can also be fixed.

How To Stop Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan From Clicking?

Here are the tips for stopping your Harbor Breeze ceiling fans from clicking:

Bent Blade Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

The very first step you should take if your ceiling fan is creating a clicking noise would be to run it in different paces. Because some ceiling fans only create clicking noises at certain speeds. Observe if you hear the same clicking sound from the fan at all speeds.

Allow enough time to observe if it occurs similarly at high and low speeds. If the blades of your ceiling fan are consistently clicking, the problem is most likely a fan blade that is slightly bent and curved upwards. The blade striking the underside of the ceiling fan casing is the sound you’re hearing.

In this case, bending the blades back into position is the easiest way to fix the clicking noise. That should be enough to solve the clicking issue without requiring any more repair.

You can switch the fan back on again and observe whether the clicking has stopped after tightening a particularly loose accessory or loose screw.

Loosened Component/Accessories

Your ceiling fan might be harmed by a loose component and be making this clicking noise. In that case, along with the clicking sound, it may also make other sounds, such as buzzing or grinding.

Sadly, there is no simple method to tell whether a piece on the fan has loosened or which one has loosened. Only by reaching up to the fan and inspecting each component separately can you be certain. Pay special attention to the box suspended from the ceiling.

Sometimes, loose globes, lightbulbs that are attached to the fan, or even other accessories might be to blame. Make sure you tighten all the screws one at a time, as any of them should be the source of the ceiling fan’s clicking noise.

Loosened Blades

If you notice a consistent clicking sound throughout each rotation and see that the fan blades aren’t bent, loosened fan blades are likely to blame.

Climb to the top of your step ladder to reach the fan and jiggle each one of the blades. This helps you know right away whether the screws holding the blade in place have to be tightened. After finding one of your fan blades is loose, don’t stop the inspection, as more than one blade might be loose.

Before switching the fan on to see if the clicking sound has gone away, check every fan blade and adjust all the screws as needed.


Harbor Breeze ceiling fan clicking noises can be unpleasant and unwelcome as they did not always exist, but one thing you need to know is that any ceiling fan can start making clicking noises after some time. However, when you find yourself hearing these clicking noises from your ceiling fans, you do need to hire a professional immediately to repair the fan.

Just find the responsible part and use precautions and common sense while repairing it. When combined with a basic toolkit (such as a good screwdriver set), these two items should be all you need to fix any sort of ceiling fan noise. If it still doesn’t stop, then you can contact a professional.

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