Do Triple Pane Windows Reduce Noise?

A soundproof window is essential to keep a home pleasant and quiet. Especially when the home is situated in a noisy area. However, soundproof windows won’t eliminate all disturbances. So, several things can make a home soundproof, along with using a 3-pane window.

In the case of soundproofing a room, a 3-pane window can be a good option. But users may be confused about do triple-pane windows reduce noise or not. The fact is, 3-glazed glass can reduce noise, and it has more efficient than double-glazed glass. Moreover, the majority of these windows offered soundproofed, laminated windows. But in the USA, double-pane windows are more popular.

Triple Pane Windows Reduce Noise: True or False?

There are a variety of glass solutions available in the market to help minimize the noise in any house. The first and most common solution is to upgrade single-pane windows to dual- or triple-pane windows. A thrice layer of thickness glass is design in a way that combines different glass thicknesses effectively. And it can reduce noises at various frequencies.

If someone asks what a triple-glazed window is and why is this window famous? 3-glazed windows are mainly famous for their optimal energy efficiency. In a comparison of double-pane windows, three-pane windows offer 3% more energy. Because of this, it reduces the possible disturbance of any particular room.

Moreover, three-pane windows also serve to develop an ideal indoor atmosphere by reducing noise. This is particularly beneficial for customers who live near a populous city, an airport, or a railway track. 3 glazing mainly adds an extra pane of glass. It creates two gas-filled gaps rather than one. And it prevents heat and sound prevention capabilities.

In the same way, these windows seem to be more energy-efficient than double-paned windows. However, users must evaluate all of the different window ratings to get the full perspective. SHGC, visible transmission, and U-factor value are more appreciated in this case. This type of window typically has a 20 to 30% more U-factor than comparable dual-pane windows. In addition, thrice-glazed glass typically has two low-covered surfaces, which creates a higher SHGC rating.

Furthermore, thrice-glazed windows can save your dollar each year on home heating bills on average. As a result, these windows are the most reasonable option for the overwhelming majority of homes. One more thing, that needs to be highlighted. And that is the gaps between the three glass panes are filled with inert gases like argon or krypton. This material suppresses noise due to its additional pane of glass.

Three-pane windows are commonly used in areas where energy efficiency is a priority, such as:

  • Homes in areas where it is usual for temperatures to drop below freezing
  • Companies that manufacture or store temperature-sensitive goods

As a result, we can say the best solution for suppressing noise is thrice-pane glass. This can reduce more than 52% of sound compared to single-pane windows.

How Triple-Pane Works

A triple pane will work properly if the window is fitted properly. Triple-glazed windows have a high STC rating to reduce noise pollution. Window manufacturers should add mass and air space to the windows to accomplish this.

Meanwhile, the windows must have multiple layers to allow for airflow. These windows will be soundproofed when these two steps are combined. Manufacturers can add glass panels or a pair of glasses with plastic in the middle to make it even better.

Before anyone can reap the benefits of their soundproofing window, it must be properly installed. To set up a window, a few steps need to be followed.

  • Worn weather stripping should be repaired first.
  • The old window should be removed
  • Need to clean the window jam
  • Then the new 3 panes should be installed

A 3-glazed window has some positive and negative aspects, such as that it is great for noise reduction, the three layers of glass provide safety and comfort and this window provides a lower UV factor.

On the other hand, this window is heavier and more expensive, but the user should still use this window because, according to estimates, 40 percent of the energy consumed in the United States is used to cool and heat structures such as buildings and homes. Meanwhile, electricity accounts for about 75% of total energy.

Apart from being a source of noise transmission, windows are also one of the most significant sources of energy loss. They account for 12% of an establishment’s average total energy consumption.

Things Need to Be Focused on Before Getting Triple Pane

When it comes to soundproof windows, remember that the main goal of using a threefold pane window is to reduce noise.

But every window does not give the same service. Every brand of soundproof window has a particular industry grade. This demonstrates how well their windows will absorb noise. A soundproof window with a higher rating on the sound transmission can balance the class scale, or STC, and the quality of the noise absorption stage.

But these window frames are a better class than double-pane glass. So, upgrading to this glass is not beneficial unless someone already has double-pane glass. Besides, suppression may be limited.

There is one more thing to follow. And that is, before getting this window, gather some ideas about different triple-glazed window manufacturers.

The important things that need to be followed are:

  • Make sure you are not using double pane
  • Check the structure of your window
  • Choose a well-known window manufacturer

Are Triple-Pane Windows Worth It?

When someone speaks about the triple-pane windows’ worth, most of them immediately rush into the topic and say the window is not worth buying. They also highlight that these windows are usually costly. As a result, many believe that all three-pane windows are excessive.

But the fact is that the cost of any product may vary. So, such replacement windows should not be too excessive. But in the case of top-quality vinyl replacement, a double-pane window will cost around $450 with construction. And upgrading to 3-pane windows could cost an extra $100-$150.

Alternative Solution

Soundproofing glass windows can become useless if there are holes in the window or a crack between the seals. However, users also need to have followed a few steps, including installing a soundproof window.

It’s also essential to know that the window will block outside noise, even after using foam-filled and vinyl-insulated frames. In this case, non-metal window spacer systems also need to be considered.

To do it another way, create space in the area between the two panes. If the part isn’t made of metal, silicone rubber with a sealer all can be applied. As a result, it is more isolating than a metal component than space.

And lastly, these windows are quite heavy and they do not fit in every window structure. So, a user should gather more soundproofing facilities for his home rather than only rely on triple glazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Triple-Pane Windows Have a Higher Failure Rate?

Ans: Some individuals assume that 3 pane windows fail more frequently because they are heavier and have two air chambers. But nowadays, the latest thrice glazed windows on the market come with a solid guarantee that they will cover all potential issues.

Is It True that Triple-Pane Windows Are Thicker than Double-Pane Windows?

Ans: Of course, triple-pane glass is heavier, but this isn’t a major issue. Window glass should go up and down with ease regardless of its weight. Suppose the windows are difficult to open and close. In that case, it’s likely that they don’t fit properly or that the balance mechanism is faulty. It could also be that they are unable to move due to another issue. Neither the window nor the weight of the glass should be the cause of this difficulty.

Bottom Line

To conclude, however, triple-pane glass is more eco-friendly. However, they aren’t much different from double-pane windows. Most people prefer these windows because of their durability and weight. If Someone is concerned about whether a 3-pane window reduces noise. The concern should be finished because it reduces a good amount of sound. It is not a gimmick.

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