7 Ideas on How to Soundproof a Room Cheaply- (with pictures)

Living in a modern age with a hi-tech lifestyle has made our life pretty easy and convenient. But urbanization has its own type of problems for sure. The more we are progressing, the more noise pollution we have to endure. While the cost of everything is increasing on a daily basis, we have some amazing tips on how to soundproof a room cheaply!

indeed, we get agitated upon hearing chaos. However, living with different types of noises has made us so adaptable to it that we often don’t feel the need to avoid it. But continuous exposure to loud sounds is harmful to our physical and mental health. In such cases, soundproofing your room can be the best step you can take for yourself & your family.

Hiring professionals or purchasing soundproofing equipment is not affordable to everyone. But that doesn’t mean there are no alternate ways. You can actually make your room noise-proof by using some regular household items!

How Soundproofing Works?

Like most technological aspects, soundproofing is a scientific development that means ‘Blocking the sound’. Normally, a sound wave can hit on a structure and pass through it using various means. With a soundproof exterior, sound can’t enter from outside to inside due to its dense nature. Thus, preventing any noises from penetrating a room.

Soundproofing tools are made with different acoustic components, and their sound blocking capacity depends on the features like size, structure, density, etc.  To make sure you have a calm and quiet place in today’s busy and chaotic world, you should know how to utilize these soundproof elements that work in your favor.

While you can find numerous smart and effective equipment to soundproof your room, they are going to cost you a lot. If you don’t want to spend much on this particular issue, you can use several regular items to do the work!

7 Ideas on How to Soundproof A Room Cheaply

Before trying any of these techniques, you should keep in mind that these DIY methods won’t be 100% effective. The focus is to suppress the noise levels without spending extra money, and these tips are enough to help the cheapest way to soundproof a room. 

#Idea 1- Use Egg Cartons

use household items for soundproofing

Using egg cartons for soundproofing your room is literally the cheapest insulating idea due to its easy accessibility. They may not be the best sound blocker, but these lightweight products can reduce the echo due to their acoustic traits.

The soundwave transforms into heats once they hit the undulated and uneven carton exterior, reducing the noise level to a tolerable degree.

#Idea 2- Customize the Décor

decor change for soundproofing

Did you know that sound waves can move through the walls? In that case, blocking the walls should be a prime focus while you are thinking about a soundproof room. The quickest solution would be putting your furniture against the walls, especially the ones opposite the road. The fixtures will work as an interior shield for the walls, and therefore, muffling the noises.

You can also thicken your room walls by adding different types of wall-hangings or canvas paintings that are made of heavy fabrics. You could also place soft padded materials like an armchair or a small sofa. All these things can absorb the soundwave and tone down the noise level.

# Idea 3- Use Household Items

The doors and windows are the most obvious access to outer sounds for entering your room. Usually, these openings tend to have spaces and gaps between them and frames or the walls. And as we know, a tiny hole is enough for a sound wave to pass through. Hence, blocking those spaces is enough to prevent the sound movement.

Put furniture like a wardrobe, bookshelf in front of the door, or window edges. Remember that sound can transmit under the door space too. So, place a thick mat or rug to fill up the gap at the door bottom.

#Idea 4- Soundproof A Room Free With Blankets

Have you ever thought of using a blanket to soundproof your room? This one is actually very convenient as a blanket is a common household item that we all have. As for the sound blocking purpose, the thicker your blanket is, the more effective it would be. Cover the entire wall with the blanket, and then you can add some extra layers for more impact. 

You can either glue or nail them on the wall, or hook them up on the curtain panels. Despite being visually not appealing, these thick moving blankets are soundproof and cost you much less than professional equipment. If you want, conceal them with beautiful curtains.

# Idea 5- Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Curtains

Heavyweight soundproof curtains are a good option for suppressing noises as they can absorb sounds. Just install some drapery railing on the walls or doors and windows, and dangle some thick curtains over. Although they are not as effective as the blankets are, however, they are good enough for your bedroom with a more aesthetic approach.

If you don’t want to buy soundproof ones, simply use some thick curtains of your own. Join two curtains and put the thicker one on top of the lighter one. Or, you can take a long curtain and fold them up whenever you need a double-layered curtain.

#Idea 6- Weatherstripping And Sealing Gaps

Weatherstripping And Sealing Gaps

For instant soundproofing of your room, use weatherstrip to the joint of the openings (windows and doors) and their frame. This will tightly shut them so no sound can enter the room. You can also use acoustic caulk to fill the tiny gaps and holes around them. Sealing all those spaces will ensure a quiet atmosphere inside your room.

#Idea 7- Use Carpets

carpet using for soundproofing

While carpets have been used as house décor for a very long time, the use of this aesthetic piece isn’t limited to the beautification purpose only!

Besides warming your floor, your carpet has the capacity to reduce the noise level! Knowing that concrete and wooden floors can transmit sound significantly, covering them with thick carpet is a smart way to block the impact noise.

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Final Thoughts

Have you ever thought that making your room noise free could be so easy? From now on, you won’t have to wonder if you have the apt budget for soundproofing your place. Instead, you just need some creativity and imagination to make your home more comfortable.

With so many options available, these simple strategies describing how to soundproof a room cheaply are definitely worth trying. Starting from simple everyday stuff to house décor, you can utilize them all. And that too without spending a single penny!

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