Why Does My Car Battery Make A Buzzing Sound While Charging?

As you have an all-electric vehicle, and it’s quite annoying because the battery of your car buzzes while charging. Rather than being annoyed, you should seek to figure out, what is the cause of the buzzing sound and how to fix it.

 If your car’s battery buzzes during charging, that means there are definitely some issues that need to be addressed. A car’s battery may buzz during charging for a variety of reasons, including an engine problem, a charger problem, a battery problem, a voltage input problem, or a variety of other difficulties.

We are here to tell you why your car battery makes a buzzing sound and what the reason is and how to solve this.

Car Battery Make A Buzzing Sound While Charging: A Serious Problem 

The setting of a battery charger is mostly responsible for a car’s buzzing battery. The voltage range of car chargers on the market is usually sustainable between 6 and 12 AMP.

However, a user can charge their car using the boost mode of charging. Usually, six and twelve AMP chargers do not create any noise while charging the car, but if you choose the boosting mode, the AMP is increased by 15, and your car battery may begin to buzz during the boosting charging mode.

Although there are a few more reasons, such as when you turn the key, you may hear a buzzing noise because the starter motor is receiving insufficient alternating energy. This indicates that the starter is receiving electrical power, but that is not enough to operate and activate the wheel of your car. If your car makes noise continuously, then you may need to take steps. 

Other Sounds That You May Hear

It’s common to hear different sounds while charging your car. Though you’ve come here to know why a car battery makes a buzzing sound while charging, you’ll be surprised to hear that there are a few more noisy sounds you might hear while charging your car, in addition to the buzzing sound:

Clicking Noise

If you’re motor has been started but not spinning at all, at that moment, and your car battery charger making high pitched noise. To solve the problem, just make your car’s motor spin.

Buzzing Sounds

The buzzing sound may occur while your car’s motor receives more electric current or less electric current. In this situation, the electric power reaches the starter, but that power is not enough to engage the flywheel, and as a result, an annoying sound has been created. To resolve the problem, just make sure you are charging your car at a fixed AMP.

Swishing Sound

When the pinion gear tries to engage with the flywheel during charging, but because of technical issues, the flywheel starts spinning without connecting, then it creates a swishing sound. To solve this problem, replace the starter motor.

Grinding Sounds

This grinding sound is also related to motor problems. Change your motor to solve the problem. And if you have any problems charging your car, simply take it to the automobile. Do not try anything experimental with your car.

Bubbling Sounds

Your car is making a bubbling sound because maybe the battery is running out of electrolytes, the battery cell is shorted, or your charger is generating excessive current. But, before you make any decisions, make sure that the noise is coming from your battery or motor.

Reasons Behind The Noise 

Your electric vehicle’s battery is producing sound because of the cooling fan. For maximum charging time, the cooling system keeps the battery and internal charging circuits at balanced temperatures.

Even when your car is not active, the cooling requirements and accompanying fan adapt to speed as needed.

Moreover, the cooling fan depends on different parameters such as ambient temperature and battery temperature due to driving or extended charging periods.

As a result, we can say for the long period of charging that the buzzing sound does not actually come from the battery but also has a high possibility of coming from the cooling fan. But to know the accrual reason, you should visit automobiles.

Prevention Of The High-Pitched Noise 

If you are concerned about the concept that car battery chargers make high-pitched noises, then your concern is over because every problem has a solution. As a result, the buzzing sound of the car battery can also be repaired by following a few steps, such as: 

  • For 3300mAh batteries, use a 5 AMP charger 
  • When your battery is fully charged, do not continue the charge
  • Try a different charger
  • Visit an automobile
  • Check if your charger is getting damaged or not
  • Replace the charger if possible

Final Verdict

To sum up, an unexpected car battery buzzing sound while charging can indicate a serious issue. Sometimes this noise can be irritating, while sometimes it may be manageable. If your car shows some unpleasant activities as like as human body brings that to automobiles. It’s critical to handle the noise as quickly as possible, without knowing about its source. The longer you wait to repair some problems, the more expensive it will be in the long run.

 So, to repair the buzzing sound of your car battery, do not hesitate to visit a decent automobile shop.

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