8 Best Soundproof Curtains For Studio

You might not like getting interrupted by car honks or birds chirping in the middle of a studio project. And that’s where the soundproof curtains come to aid.

But to find one with durable material, the right size, and the proper type is quite challenging when soundproof drapes are available in numerous brands and variants. But, no worries!

To help you out, we’ve picked the 8 best soundproof curtains for studios. Our list includes curtains in various colors, lengths, and types.

You will also get a buying guide and answers to all related queries through the scroll. Then, let’s make your studio a bit quieter!

8 Best Soundproof Curtains For Studio

  1. Editor’s Choice: Deconovo 100% Blackout Soundproof Curtains
  2. Best Budget: NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain
  3. Best Blackout Curtains: PONY DANCE Blackout Soundproof Curtains For Studio
  4. Best Overall: HLC.ME Soundproof Long Window Curtain
  5. Best Design: Yakamok Lined Pair Soundproof Drapes
  6. Best For Partitions: NICETOWN Closet Sound Blocking Curtains
  7. Best For Home Decor: Deconovo, 100% Light, Blocking Soundproof Curtains
  8. Best For Studios: Deconovo Thermal Insulated Sound Proof Curtains

Best Soundproof Curtains For Home Studio

Editor’s Choice: Deconovo 100% Blackout Soundproof Curtains

Deconovo 100% Blackout Curtains

With the best material and construction, these soundproof blackout curtains by Deconovo are our editor’s choice. This pair of curtains are available in 19 different shades and features the best triple-layered polyester blend finish. Also, soundproof drapes come in a set of 2, so you do not have to buy them twice like the Nicetown soundproof curtains. 

Meanwhile, the curtains are soundproof and thermal insulated, which keeps the temperature indoors in control. It means you will get a calm environment during summer and hot during winter, which will reduce your power cost. 

Subsequently, the thick layering makes them completely blackout curtains, so you do not have to worry about the lighting if you do many camera works. And, the UV protection will keep the furniture inside unharmed.

Beforehand, these blackout curtains are available in three different sizes, so you do not have to worry about the size that fits your poles. Likewise, the curtains’ aluminum grommets help sustain the weight and keep steady for a long. The price range of these curtains is also very competitive, considering the features and design. 

Yet, the one thing that bothers me so much about those curtains is their bright color which will catch too much dust. But thanks to the machine’s washability, it reduces the toil.


  • Blocks the light efficiently.
  • The design is beautiful and elegant.
  • The materials used are thick and sturdy.


  • Gets wrinkled easily. 

Best Budget: NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

If your demand is an efficient soundproof curtain that comes within budget and fits small studios, then this Nicetown soundproof curtain is the best choice. Keeping its low price aside, this standard soundproof curtain has all the fantastic features an ideal soundproof curtain should have.

It is made entirely of high-grade polyester with three-layer construction. The layerings make this curtain thick, strong, and multifunctional. Multifunctionality means you will get several benefits from these curtains.

Consequently, the solid thickness will help to block the high-pitched noise. With the thermal insulation technology used, the interior temperature will always remain under control depending on the weather. 

And the multi-layering will help prevent UV lights from entering the house. Altogether, you are getting a quiet, lightproof, temperature-controlled room under budget.

Furthermore, this curtain is available in 9 different sizes to get whatever size you want. Also, a wide range of colors is there to choose from. Moreover, you do not have to think about the hassle of cleaning as soundproof drapes are safe to wash in the washing machine. 

One issue with this curtain is that soundproof drapes come in single panels. But I don’t think it is a problem as you can customize your order in odd numbers, which you can’t do with the pairs.  


  • Thermal insulation works effectively and keeps cool for a long.
  • No light gets through.
  • Comes within an affordable price range.


  • Comes in a single panel.

Best Blackout Curtains: PONY DANCE Blackout Soundproof Curtains For Studio

PONY DANCE Gray Blackout Curtains

If you have to do a lot of visual content besides sound work in the studio, these Pony Dance blackout curtains might please you. In our tests, these pairs of curtains proved themselves the most effective blackout curtains blocking almost any light from entering with their sturdy polyester construction.

Although these curtains have three layers like most others on the list, the thing that makes them different is the middle black yarn layering. This layer doesn’t allow the light to pass, though, and ensures a blackout room fully. In addition, these light-blocking drapes are thermally insulated, which means the room’s temperature will remain under control.

Additionally, these curtains have unique features that other on the list doesn’t, and it is their dual header design. The header of the curtain has both a back tab and rod pocket, so you will get the chance to hang it as you like. Also, no metal grommet means no extra noise.

Besides, soundproof drapes come in 11 different sizes and 16 other varieties of colors. This means there is a curtain for everyone. Yet, there is one problem, these curtains are not floor-to-ceiling, so soundproof drapes are not perfect for prominent office usage. But soundproof drapes are just perfect for blocking the sound inside the house and small studios.

Like others on the list, you can machine wash these curtains also. So, no worries if your curtains are dusty. In addition, the price of these curtains is considerably the lowest for a pair on this list. This is the right choice as affordable noise-canceling curtains for small homes.


  • Sturdily built, quality, and well finished.
  • Slides smoothly with no stopping.
  • Fabric is soft and catches less dirt.


  • Brighter color ones don’t black out the light entirely.

Best Overall: HLC.ME Soundproof Long Window Curtain

HLC.ME Dakota 100% soundproof curtain

HCL.ME soundproof curtain is one of the most known curtains in the market. Also, with its unique features, it acquired the position of best overall on our list. This curtain is available in beautiful colors that will attract anyone and match any interior. Besides, the silky finish adds extra appeal.

Unlike the earlier ones, this curtain has two layers, making them lighter in weight. But their floor-to-ceiling construction helps to maintain its effectiveness altogether. Meanwhile, the layers are thick enough with blackout and thermal insulation features to keep the heat level inside the house and block UV rays when needed.

These curtains are also perfect if you stream live videos or make video content because of their glossy, soft, and premium looks. The metal grommets added to the curtains make them hang perfectly with their weight. And the width and height ensure complete privacy.

In our tests, these curtains were fully functional and could blackout the studio fully. But soundproof drapes weren’t able to keep the drumming sound inside. But preventing outdoor noises like animal and traffic sounds from coming inside. We almost heard none. 

Finally, in the wash test, soundproof drapes did an excellent job. We washed them three times in a row in the washing machine, but it didn’t harm their gloss. In a nutshell, these HCL soundproof curtains proved themselves as the best soundproof curtains for studios and home offices.


  • Heavy and thick material.
  • Perfectly blocks out the light.
  • Reduces the noise level and temperature to half.


  • Gets dirty quickly.

Best Design: Yakamok Lined Pair Soundproof Drapes

Yakamok 100% Blackout Lined Pair Curtains

“Beauty costs money” this phrase is the perfect description for this lined pair of soundproof drapes. These are the most expensive and elegantly designed soundproof curtains in this list of best soundproof curtains for the studio. As the studio concept changed over time, the decoration ideas also changed. 

Nowadays, studios are used for several reasons, mostly by social influencers and content creators. So, the interior of the studio matter a lot. This designer soundproof pair of curtains is the piece digital studios demand. These curtains come in 16 elegant colors with a premium glossy finish. 

Also, soundproof drapes are constructed with a durable thick material, which doesn’t allow any light inside the studio and reduces the noise level up to 50%. Moreover, the blackout liner on the curtains is so well finished giving them an elegant finish. 

Metal grommets come attached to the curtains to hang them perfectly and last longer. Also, those grommets are so well finished that soundproof drapes slide like butter. These curtains are big enough to fit any standard room size. Also, there are a variety of sizes available to select by choice.

Unlike others, you can clean these curtains with cold water in the washing machine. And, regular cleaning will not affect its beauty at all. The only concern about these curtains we’ve faced is their bright color which catches dust and debris so fast, so you might need to clean them every month. Except for this drawback, these blackout drapes are worth their price. 


  • Beautiful and well-finished design.
  • Not a single light beam passes through.
  • Easy to install and remove.


  • Color fades away after months of use.

Best For Partitions: NICETOWN Closet Sound Blocking Curtains

NICETOWN Closet Curtains Sound Blocking Curtain

Are you thinking about separating the gaming zone of your office from the rest? Then this closet sound-blocking curtains by Nicetown is the best choice. This curtain is big and thick enough to block the office’s sound and partition. Also, it is way more cost-efficient than changing the decoration of the office.

Besides, this curtain gives your office an elegant look and is a perfect portable solution to reduce noise. Likewise, it is not just ideal for office partitions but hospital beds. The price range is so affordable and available in darker colors. So, you will not notice the dust frequently.

These divider curtains come in 9 different sizes, and all of them are supported by 14 metal grommets. The grommets of these curtains are so well finished soundproof drapes slide so smoothly on the rods. Moreover, you will get this curtain available in various ten colors. So, you can choose as you like.

It is also thermal insulated and has layers to blackout the lights. Likely, this curtain is not like others on the list. This one is soundproof but not actually able to block the sound entirely from the partition. Also, soundproof drapes are so big means installing, removing, and cleaning will be tough.

Anyway, the maintenance of anything depends on its usage as it is made for big works. Indeed it will not have the same usability as the smaller noise-canceling drapes. But on its purpose, this curtain is best performing and leaves no scope for complaining.


  • Perfectly divides without a gap.
  • Block a good amount of noise.
  • The dark color provides superior privacy.


  • Not so thick and durable.

Best for Home Decor: Deconovo 100% Light Blocking Soundproof Curtains

Deconovo 100% Light Blocking Soundproof Curtains

Your quest for some decorative soundproof curtains that match your home decor perfectly ends here. This pair of curtains by Deconovo comes in pairs and is available in 6 soothing colors. 

Indeed, this pair of soundproof curtains doesn’t just look good but also fits any room with its enormous height and width of 90 x 52 inches. Besides, these curtains are 100% made of polyester, so there is no question about their durability. 

Also, each curtain has four anti-rust grommets to hold the heavyweight of the curtains when hung on the poles. In addition, the faux linen multi-layered construction ensures that no light enters through the curtains. So, the studio remains dark entirely.

Furthermore, their floor-to-ceiling design ensures no gap remains, and no sound enters, which we’ve tested in our studio. We’ve heard little dog barks but very little. 

Accordingly, the machine-washable feature of these curtains makes cleaning a breeze. Overall, by the performance, price, and design, this pair of soundproof curtains is a bang for the buck.


  • Blocks sunlight perfectly without any leaks.
  • Fabric quality is so high and sturdy.
  • Keeps the room temperature down during summer.


  • Not so heavy as usual ones.

Best for Studio: Deconovo Thermal Insulated Sound Proof Curtains

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Sound Proof Curtains for Studio

Here comes the most awaited best soundproof curtains for the studio. This affordable pair of curtains come within a reasonable price range featuring all the vital features the best soundproof curtains should have.

This curtain is made of the same material as others on the list as we’ve chosen all of them, maintaining the best criteria. So, you do not have to worry about durability and strength. Also, there are six anti-rust grommets attached to the curtains to keep them hung ideally in the rods.

These curtains are made while maintaining a floor-to-ceiling structure, so you do not have to think about sound-deading effectiveness. Also, multiple layering is used in the construction to ensure soundproof drapes remain thermal insulated and save energy costs.

Furthermore, these drapes are available in 12 sizes, so you do not have to worry about how big or small your studio is. Besides, the option of 16 different colors creates scopes to choose to match with any interior.

Finally comes the solid finish, which doesn’t grab much dust and remains clean for a long. So, you do not have to think about cleaning frequently. And, when you have to, the machine-washable feature will work as the savior.


  • Come perfectly colored, as shown in the picture.
  • Blocks almost every noise from outside.
  • Satisfying price range.
  • Fits ideally with the studio interior.


  • The sides are poorly sewn.

Things to Consider when Your Purchasing Curtains for Your Home Studio

Buying soundproof curtains isn’t a challenge, but buying the perfect one is. You need to know several things before getting the right ones for your studio or home office. Here are some of the vital ones below to satisfy your cravings for the best noise-canceling curtains:


Soundproof curtains are available made of a whole lot of materials. Mostly you’ll find felt, vinyl, velvet, velour, suede, polyvinyl chloride, burlap, fiberglass composite, and linen. 

However, you do not have to get confused. These are choices by the manufacturers. You can get yours maintains some selection criteria. All over the suede and velvet curtains are the best choice considering their price and effectiveness. Velvet ones are pretty good-looking also. 

In addition, make sure you choose the multi-layered ones that are strongly woven and thermal insulated. Moreover, the linen mane soundproof curtains are decorative choices. But you shouldn’t prioritize the appearance when the task is to reduce sound.


The size is another vital consideration you must consider when choosing the best soundproof curtains for the studio. Soundproof curtains come in different sizes, and selecting the proper size needs to be done wisely. 

You have to keep the focus on “Ceiling to floor.” The curtains have to touch the floor when hung on the pole. Otherwise, it will leak sound and will not fulfill the purpose. 

Furthermore, keep your pole size in mind as some curtains come in single pieces, like the Nicetown soundproof curtain, the top pick of the list. If you have a bigger pole, you might have to go for a couple of pairs.


Do not worry about the type of soundproof curtains. There are not so many. In real, soundproof curtains only come in a particular kind. Other ones are alternatives to the actual curtains.

Classic soundproof curtains are the ones our list contains. Soundproof drapes are good-looking, easy to hang, and constructed to make places quieter. As per reports, soundproof curtains can reduce the noise level to 29db. 

Also, these curtains are cost-effective. You should know that soundproof curtains don’t make the place fully quiet but deaden the noise level. Additionally, soundproof drapes come in blackout and thermally insulated features to keep the light out and temperature in control. 

Audion insulation sheets also known as acoustic curtains are often considered sound-absorbing materials, such as ‘soundproof curtains.’ When these heavier curtains are not regarded as soundproof curtains entirely, soundproof drapes are more effective than actual ones. Besides, soundproof drapes are easy to hang on the poles because of the sewn grommets. But you’ll need heavy rods as soundproof drapes are thicker. The audio insulation sheets are the most expensive types of soundproof curtains.

Industrial soundproof curtains or industrial blankets are another type of recognized alternative to classic soundproof curtains. Soundproof drapes come almost within half of the price of classic ones. And, soundproof drapes work pretty efficiently in deadening sound. The only problem with them is soundproof drapes do not come with a hanging option, so you have to do some DIY.


The soundproof curtains are way heavier than regular curtains as soundproof drapes are made of thicker materials. Also, their work is to block high-frequency sound, so “the heavier, the better.” Yet make sure the pole in your home office or studio is solid and sturdy enough. Otherwise, it will end up in disaster.

How We Tested

Giving suggestions is not a matter, but when someone is going to spend his buck over the recommendations, it matters a lot. Considering that, We’ve prepared this review of the best soundproof curtains for the studio and suggested 8 ideal products after testing. 

Our testing process includes a series of processes from selecting to reviewing. We’ve chosen over 50 products randomly from online, then, after doing extensive research, sorted the 15 best-featured ones while keeping the user reviews in mind. Then we got those curtains and tested them in our studio. And the curtains that passed our tests efficiently by reducing the noise level to half and blacking out the studio completely took place on the list of bests.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Soundproof Curtains Actually Work?

Yes, soundproof curtains work efficiently to reduce noise inside the home or studio. However, soundproof drapes do not make the room completely noiseless. To make the surrounding completely silent, you have to work on the construction a bit and think about remodeling.

Does the Color of The Curtain Affect Soundproof Capacity?

No, the color of the soundproof curtain doesn’t affect its capacity. But the interior of the house has a great deal with the color. If the color of the curtain doesn’t match the decoration, it will look tiresome.

Do Thick Curtains Reduce Noise?

Thicker curtains can absorb more sound and are efficient in reducing noise. Heavy curtains work more effectively to catch the sound waves. Such as, the microfibres in velvet absorb the most high-frequency sound waves.

Are Most Curtains Soundproof?

No, only the curtains constructed with thick materials and multiple layering are soundproof. Other curtains are regular and not so supportive of blocking any sound.

Where Can You Install Noise Reduction Curtains?

You can install noise-reduction curtains anywhere you want. But it is most effective to install them in the studio, home office, and in-office partitions.

Can You Make Your Own Soundproof Curtains?

Yes, you can make your DIY soundproof curtains using a suitable material and following the proper steps. You can use linen, velvet, suede, and polyester.


Overall, soundproof curtains can be a great way to reduce noise in your home or office. However, they will not completely eliminate all noise. If you want to make your space completely silent, you may need to consider other options such as remodeling or construction. 

When choosing soundproof curtains, be sure to select ones made from thick materials with multiple layers like the Deconovo Blackout Soundproof Curtains. These will be more effective at absorbing sound waves. 

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