Bathtub Drain Gurgles When the Toilet Is Flushed [ Reasons and solution]

People who have a bathtub in their home usually face a common problem: the bathtub drain gurgles when flushed. And the sad thing is that they do not know how to fix the issue.

Since you’ve been having this issue, there’s no need to worry because there are simple fixes that someone can immediately adapt to resolve the issue.

So, in this article, we will focus on why the bathtub drain makes noise when the toilet is flushed and how to fix it.

Bathtub Drain Makes Noise When Toilet Is Flushed: What Are the Causes?

Once someone flushes the toilet, the water flow gets into the sewer and pulls air from the tub to the drain, generating a gurgling sound. To avoid this, ensure that the plumbing venting reaches over the roof.

In cold weather, simply apply hot water to the sinks and check the roof vent pipes to give them some moisture.

Moreover, observe the vents in the attic and determine if they are damaged or covered. If anything looks out of hand, you’ll need the services of a licensed plumber.

Apart from these, there are a few more reasons for producing gurgle sounds:

When the toilet is flushed, the bathtub drains and gurgles for three reasons. They are as follows:

  • Excessive air escaping from the drain
  • The presence of air in the drain
  • P-Trap

Air Forced Through the Drains

Air is forced through the drains when the vent becomes blocked. This creates pressure in various ways, which produces gurgling noises.

Shower Drain P Trap

The bathtub has air vents that regulate air quality. It travels through the pipes. While this is happening, many vents can get blocked, and the air gets trapped within the piping system.


P-traps are installed in bathtub plumbing systems to keep a particular quantity of water in the pipe. Whereas if the bathtub does not have a P-trap, air will easily flow whenever the toilet is flushed, causing a gurgling sound.

How To Fix the Gurgles Sound?

Now you’re aware of the various noise sources when flushing the toilet, let’s take a look at some of the possible solutions.

Pump Air Out Using a Plunger

Air trapped in the pipes is one of the causes of gurgling bathtub drains when flushing the toilet. But using a plunger will remove air from the pipes and drains and unlock the toilet.

It’s really a simple and quick way to solve any plumbing problem without contacting a plumber. To do this, a user needs a few items, such as duct tape and a plunger.

In this process, close the drains with duct tape. It will help to prevent air circulation in the drains and pipes. This procedure makes sure that the plungers are creating force inside the pipe.

Before starting, keep in mind that the plunger’s bowl is completely covered in water. So, continue plunging for a few minutes, flush the toilet and listen for the gurgling sound. If it’s still there, apply it once more.

Plunging removes all air or other blockages that have become locked in the drains or pipes.

Examine the Venting System

Unless there are difficulties with plunging. But you should keep an eye on the venting system. Because of the placement of the venting system, leaves and dirt sometimes get into the pipes and create problems.

In that case, you must clean the vent regularly to eliminate dirt and allow air to flow freely. Cleaning the pipes is not difficult, but it may demand some effort. It is worthwhile to stop the blocked vents issue.

For the consequences, a user may need a plumbing snake and a hose line or other substance that can push water through to the vents. Try inserting the plumbing snake through the vent pipe until you locate any things creating an issue.

Next, use the plumbing snake and work hard to simply eliminate the blockage. If using a hosepipe cannot solve the issue, repeat the process.

In case, someone has never seen a plumbing snake before. Then he may require the support of someone who is knowledgeable.

Raise the Pipe’s Diameter

Increasing the diameter of the pipe is another probable solution to the gurgling problem. Excess toilet paper can be a stumbling block for a smaller pipe.

As a result, you must increase its diameter to guarantee that trash goes through without any barrier. Most toilet-draining pipes have a diameter of 3 inches. For a better outcome, increase it to 4 inches so that more waste can pass through it.

A 4-inch pipe will also have to be attached to the main pipe. When you are prepared to work, the technique is not difficult. It is a wonderful DIY project that will save you a bunch of money. So, the increased pipe diameter is not just an “immediate approach,” but it can also help businesses in the long term.

You will require the assistance of a plumber.

Make Use of Chemical Solutions

Chemicals can solve the bathtub gurgles caused by toilet flushing. Certain elements can provide you with a relaxing solution. These chemical remedies are simple to prepare at home. Such as drain cleaners, baking soda, and vinegar.

Everything you have to do is boil a large amount of water. A gallon would be better. A large amount of water provides enough force to clear the blockade. However, make sure the water is not excessively hot, as this could damage the toilet’s porcelain.

Pour the vinegar and baking soda into the toilet to clean it. The combination of the products results in a strong enough solution to dissolve. However, the approach may not work in the case of blockages such as rocks or toys.

The hot water forces the dirt out of the drains. And apply the mixture until the next morning. It will take time to do the whole process. So, flushed the garbage down from the toilet by taking enough time.

Keep in mind that this procedure will only work on clogs made of organic material. As a result, if someone still hears the bathtub gurgle, the dirt source could be considered a giant one.

If the problem is not a hard blockage, you can also buy a drain cleaner like Green Gobbler Drain Clot Dissolver. The procedure is straightforward. So, apply this to resolve the problem of a flush toilet and tub gurgle.

Remove Clogs Near the Drain with a Coat Hanger

A coat hanger is another useful tool for removing blockages. This may appear to be an unusual strategy. But it is effective. If the shower drain makes a noise when the toilet is flushed using these steps.

The steps are given below:

  • Step 1: Straighten the hanger, then cover the end with a rag to prevent it from injuring the porcelain of the toilets. Next, with the straightened hanger wrapped around the drain, guide it down the drain until you reach the obstacle.
  • Step 2: Meanwhile, repeatedly twist the hanger to break the clog and remove it. Afterward, flush the toilet to break the blockage down.
  • Step 3: Keep in mind that this method only works for clogs that are easy to clean. A plumbing snake will be required for the problematic pipe structure.

Call a plumber

And lastly. If you fail to fix your flush’s annoying sound, just call a plumber. A plumber will evaluate the bathtub, drain, and toilet to determine what needs to be repaired.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Does My Tub Gurgle when I Flush the Toilet?

When users flush the toilet, the volume of water into the sewer pulls air into the tub drain, generating a gurgling sound.

To begin, ensure that the plumbing vents extend over the roof. In extreme cold, simply use hot water for the sinks and check the roof vent pipes for steam.

Why Is There a Gurgling Sound Coming from My Bathtub?

These noises are caused by air bubbles attempting to force their way up from within your drain.

The major source of this gurgling noise is a blockage that is developing inside your pipes. Air pockets may form and encircle the blockage. As a result, the trapped air rises as the water runs down the drain.

Wrapping UP

Some of the most extraordinary bathtubs drain gurgling remedies are listed here. Nevertheless, users should be aware of the gurgling drain. Because it indicates a more significant issue with the pipeline system.

Proper cleaning will help in the prevention of this and other related issues. So, stop concerning about the Bathtub drain gurgles when the toilet is flushed and apply the whole process.

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