What annoys you the most? Ask me, And it definitely sounds! As a writer, I can’t tolerate any sound when I’m working. In other words, my work and mind can only tolerate the clicking noise of the keyboard. However, your case might be a different one. You might be most annoyed by the sound of your neighbor’s dog or a honking car beside the window.

Nevertheless, our noise tolerance level may vary but we have exactly the same beef with sound. That’s why I took matters into my own hands and started writing soundproofing tips on this website(soundproffguru.com).

Moreover, as an architecture student, I have always worked with buildings, structures, and many engineers. And through the lifelong journey, I came across hundreds of soundproofing solutions and gained knowledge about various soundproofing materials. So I thought, why don’t I share my knowledge with you?


Therefore, to carry on the journey I started by asking different questions to myself related to soundproofing. Those are the questions I was unable to find answers to when I needed to. 

Some of them are like Do Triple Pane Windows Reduce Noise?, or How to Stop a Wooden Bed from Squeaking? And many more. So, I chose topics about which no one talks online. And since 2019 I am carrying on this journey with two of my friends Robert and Patricia.

Here You’ll Get:

  • Over 100 Soundproofing guides
  • 200+ how-to guides on different categories of soundproofing
  • 50+ Product reviews written after testing by Experts
  • And, All go to soundproofing solutions depending on your queries.

Our Team

We are a team of three running this soundproofing directory blog since 2019. Since we started this blog we have listed hundreds of sound-related problems that everyone is looking solutions for. and written a great number of blogs providing solutions. And, we all belong to are currently working in the soundproofing industry regularly for living and experience.

Adam Houdge

Founder and Chief Editor

Adam, Founder Of SPG and a soundproofing expert working in the industry for 10 years with a civil engineering background.

Robert Faulkner


Robert, Co-Editor And outdoor soundproofing expert specialized in power tool soundproofing and automobile soundproofing with professional certifications.

Patricia Mattrice


Patricia, Editor and interior soundproofing expert working in the interior designing industry for over 5 years with reputed builders.

What We Do In SPG

As you already know that we as a team share our professional experiences on this site, so we gather all our writing topics and materials from our day-to-day lives. 

Also, because of our practical experience in the application of soundproofing materials and products we do not have to give any extra testing or reviewing time. our work for living works like the icing on the cake for soundproofguru. 

What You’ll Get From Us

If you’re thinking about what you will get from this website? You will get every possible solution for each sound-related issue. Here in SPG, we will provide you answers to your how-to queries like:

  • How To Soundproof A Boat Engine Compartment
  • How To Find High-Pitched Noise In House
  • How To Block Ultrasonic Sound Waves 
  • How To Block High-Frequency Sounds
  • How To Quiet Differential Whine

We have the answers. In the following, if your queries are more oriented to “What direction. We have the solutions Like:

  • What Is Drywall Furring Channel or Hat Channel
  • What Is R-Value Best for Soundproofing?
  • What Is a Noise Dosimeter?

And many more! Moreover, we provide product suggestions such as,

  • 10 Best Carpet Pad For Soundproofing 
  • 10 Best Home Fashion Soundproof Curtains 
  • 10 Best Quietest 5000 Watt Generator, etc.

Basically, we work with problems and their solutions related to soundproofing. However, we suggest products also as everyone is not an expert and most of them get bluffed by the marketing tricks of the manufacturers. We as consumers faced these problems when we didn’t enter this industry. And from facing problems we came up with solutions. Adam started this journey as an individual and then Robert and Patricia joined the team.

In addition, the solutions we provide to issues like those mentioned earlier get easier for us to discuss because of our everyday work. But when we come to review the products we try to become extra careful. Because we know how hard it is to earn and how it feels when hard-earned money gets wasted for no reason. 

So, when we hunt for a product to suggest we try to get real-time experience with the products. That is why during working for our clients we survey the market on our own and try to get the proper experience we are suggesting, and then we buy some of them and gather experience to share with you. 

In What Categories Of Soundproofing We Work On?

Additionally, Robert has mastery of vehicle and gadget soundproofing because of this practical and professional experience. On the other hand, Patricia is more of a Hufflepuff so she likes to work with the home interior and kitchen soundproofing.

On the whole, we cover almost all major branches of soundproofing including home, kitchen, outdoor, construction, gadget, power tools, and vehicles.